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Jayapura, Jubi – Plenary Session of the Fourth Parliament of West Papua (PNWP) was held on 1 to 4 April 2016 Hollandia, West Papua. Forum privileged nation of Papua is opened and closed officially by the Chairman PNWP, buchtar tabuni and place safely and tertib.Dalam privileged forum of the Papuan people respected and was attended by 160 members of the National Parliament of West Papua (PNWP) in seven regions of indigenous Papuans. However, when declared, buchtar tabuni, cs is not present, because he entered in the List of People Search (DPO) by the Regional Police (Polda) Papua some time ago. And he was represented by Deputy Chief PNWP, Romario Yatipai.Pada this occasion, the nation of Papua declare Decision IV Plenary Session of the National Parliament of the Republic of West Papua to Indonesia and to the world specifically to IPWP internasionai, ILWP and the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP ), that: 1.Menetapkan, Ppaua indigenous population on the territory of West Papua is a nation of Papua clump Melanesia.2.Menetapkan, the Papuan people in West Papua New Guinea Netderland former colonies have the right to decide the fate of sendiri.3.Menetapkan, the nation of Papua the same rights as other nations maintain their populations and cultures and develop a reasonable and responsible manner based Human rights (HAM) .4.Menetapkan, manifesto Papua National Committee, Hollandia October 19, 1961, on the country flag “Morning Star” and songs nationality “Hi my land Papua”, the symbol of the country “Mambruk”, our national territories of Papua and West Papua is our legitimate and became the basis for the struggle kami.5.Mengakui United Liberation Movenment for West Papua (ULMWP) as agency coordination and unity that represents all interests Papuan nation residing in the territory of West Papua (Papua and West Papua) and outside the region to the West Papua.6.Menugaskan ULMWP to submit the application of the indigenous population of West Papua region as West Papua region subject to full membership Melanesia Speardhead Group ( MSG) under the banner of the flag of the “Morning Star” and the anthem “O my land Papua” .7.Menyatakan, the Indonesian government has failed to meet the requirements as stipulated in article 18 and article 22 paragraph 1 of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the Kingdom of the Netherlands concerning territory of West New Guinea, at United nations Headquarters on 15 August 1961 and the failure to trigger a conflict between nations Papua danRepublik Indonesia.8.Menuntut, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the countries bersadarkan moral and legal responsibility to immediately urge the United nations to implement the referendum for the people Papuadan guarantee the rights of the indigenous people of West Papua under the terms of article 4- yabg contained in article 18 and article 22 persetujuan.9.Menuntut, United nations Resolution No. 2504 to review the United nations, dated 19November 1969 has received the results of the implementation of 1969 which entrusted its execution to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.10.Menyatakan, security developments in the region of West Papua, the more disturbing the indigenous population of West Papua region with a growing number of Indonesian military personnel were brought in from outside the territory of West Papua by the Indonesian National Army (TNI) .11.Menugaskan to ULMWP, IPWP and ILWP to follow up all claims on behalf of the people of West Papua nation Papua.Demikian this statement we made to the world ketahui.Hollandia, April 5 2016Atas name of the nation PapuaNieuw Guinea National Parliament Raad West PapuaKetuaBuchtar TabuniYehuda Serentow (fraction Tabi), Rev. Jason M. Marisan (Fraction Saireri), Juliua Wondiwoi (Fraction Domberai), Romaria Yatipai (Fraction Bomberai), Abel Nawipa (Fraction MeePago), Paul Loho (Fraction LaaPago) and Eliezer Anggainggom (fractions Ha-Anim)

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