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JAYAPURA, SUARAPAPUA — In a press release Filep Karma LBH Jakarta and numbered No. 774 / SK-RELEASE / IV / 2016 received, Thursday (04/07/2016) explains, one of the participants of worship in Timika, Papua, Steven Itlay will be charged with treason ie, primary article Article 106 Criminal Code and the Criminal Code in conjunction with Article 53 article 160 KUHP.Lembaga subsidiary Legal Aid (LBH) Jakarta and Filep Karma condemned the crackdown joint TNI / Polri in the dissolution of peaceful activities “Prayer Restoration of the People of Papua” in Timika, Papua, which led to the pengenaanpasal treason to one participant information ibadah.Berdasarkan collected either from the media or from people who were in the field at the time of the incident, on 5 April 2016 morning West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Timika region held a joint prayer activities in the courtyard of the Church GKII Golgotha ​​in Timika, Papua. However, when the activities are still in progress, suddenly apparatus joint TNI / Polri disperse activities by issuing shot up several times and attacked the crowd massa.Aparat joint military / police beat, kicked, hit with rifle butts tens of the activity. There is also a member of the military who expose the initials IT KNPB members. Two members of KNPB initials AD and AE also severely injured and had to be hospitalized. A number of banners, clothing and camshaft seized by polisi.Penyerangan by the security forces led to the arrest of 15 members of KNPB. 13 were later released on the following day with the status required to report until an undetermined time. The other two namely Steven Itlay and Yus Wenda still detained in Mimika district police today. Steven Itlay subject to Article 106 of Article treason. “We condemn the use of the plot lesson because again the article is used to suppress freedom of expression and opinion in Papua. Unfinished homework (homework) Jokowi about political prisoners in Papua, now even want plus the amount again, “blasted Veronica Koman, public defenders LBH Jakarta.Tercatat that after free Filep Karma, meaning there are 44 political prisoners (prisoners) in Papua, based report in August / September 2015 on the organization of Papuans Behind Bars. Although some of these prisoners have been released, but they still continue to face the charges and undergo investigasi.Filep Karma, a former Papuan political prisoners recently released after sentenced to 15 years in prison, said this seemed deliberate to rob / restrict freedom of expression activist Papua native. This means the Dutch feudal period to silence the Indonesian freedom fighters. “Oddly, in the era of modern Indonesia that democracy here is still used repressive 18th century No matter if the use of repressive measures and Article treason is still used because it proves that Homeland can not be trusted. This will encourage more and more sympathetic to the suffering and struggle of people of Papua. Because I myself have not trust the government is still value justice and humanity against the people of Papua, “said Karma.Sementara it, Alghiffari Aqsa, director of LBH Jakarta, said the government is so afraid of the symbols of Papuan identity, that even though the symbol could never recognized in peace in the era of Gus Dur. “repressive Crackdown will not be able to eliminate the problems in Papua. Use of an article of treason instead will further exacerbate the situation, “said Aqsa.Untuk it, LBH Jakarta demanding the police chief of Mimika, Papua Police Chief and Police to immediately stop the investigation and freed Steven Itlay as well as the immediate release of Yus Wenda since it concerned only the allegedly infringing Article 351 is a threat sentence maximum of 2 years and 8 months. “LBH Jakarta also demanded the seriousness of the commitment of President Jokowi who wants to resolve the issue of political prisoners / detainees in Papua,” he wrote in a statement signed by Filep Karma, Director of LBH Jakarta and VeronicaKoman, public lawyer LBH Jakarta .ARNOLD Belau

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