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JAYAPURA [Papos] – Parliament nduga regency received reports from people in the District Mugi that they got the inhumane treatment of military personnel who are tasked with carrying out the demolition of the trans Mumugu – Nduga – Wamena.

This was revealed by the Secretary of Commission A DPRD nduga regency, Leri Gwijangge told reporters in Jayapura on Saturday (19/03/2016). Leri admit TNI torture on the people of the district Mugi legislator revealed when members of the constituency (electoral district) II conducted a working visit to the area in recess, on Wednesday (16/03/2016).

“People told us that they were tortured and violence experienced by military personnel who conduct the demolition of the road there,” revealed Leri Gwijangge.

Politicians origin of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) said in a joint dialogue between Parliament Nduga District government, traditional leaders, religious leaders, women leaders, youth leaders, community to say there are some issues there. In addition to complaints about the development programs of the government, they also convey what they experienced from military personnel action taken against them.

Leri Gwijangge inform the public during the hunt and want to pluck coconut forest in the local language is called Woromo or Tuke in their village. Incidentally longer harvest season coconut forest, they went into the woods around the area of ​​road construction trans-Nduga Mumugu central mountain-Wamena.

The TNI viewed summoned the people and check their luggage at noken. What is in nokeng shed all, then check one by one. Citizens are also asked to open clothing to the naked, and even beaten.

When asked most people do not understand Indonesian fluently, they chose silence. They talk but only silence they finally struck. “That’s what people in a dialogue to convey to us the time of our visit there yesterday,” said Leri explained.

Leri tells of recognition from Kampung Dodoklema, Misak Gwijangge when trying to harvest the coconut forest, when they want to cut with a machete, TNI officers heard the sound of the firing. Spontaneously in a state of shock and fear, the head of the village rushed shot from the top of the tree.

From the recognition of the community, Leri call TNI gunpoint, then with wood beat and tortured people. TNI also issued languages ​​”This weapon, this stuff President Jokowi who love, so this is the president who ordered us to dismantle this path, all provide this. So who speak, pointing guns to the people,” I Leri echoing the message of the people in the local language local.

As representatives of the people we assess the attitude of the military personnel who do so is wrong. Because the task of the military and police were not torturing people, not hit people, not hurt people, but they (TNI) should protect or protect the society.

“As far as we like it, but the act of military personnel who have tortured and hurt the people must be stopped, not to happen and happen again,” pleaded Gwijangge.

Capture of language against public officials that weapons given Jokowi, Leri rate them do not necessarily blame the members of the in-field that are working to dismantle the road. As representatives of the people, they blame the President, the TNI Commander and Regional Commander Cenderawasih XVII. As a leader, what subordinates do the in-field just following orders from superiors. so the men in the field taking such actions.

“So firmly as representatives of the people we asked the TNI commander and the military commander and his staff even the President to look at this situation and directing subordinates in-field work as possible, not always hurt people,” hope this young politician.

If this action continues, Leri worry will lead to conflict or things that are not desirable between the public and military personnel. As the people’s representatives conveyed firmly to the Commander, the military commander immediately review actions taken in-field apparatus, because we know that it takes action on the orders of Commander, the military commander who ordered members to do things like that.

If these events continue to occur repeatedly, we as representatives of the people we do not think about the interests of the public or the interests of many people, could be a road construction project will not be achieved, if the incident has affected people continues to occur. Because, it means not assist or help the people but to torture people.

The purpose of government broke into the area not to help people, but only to torture people. We will not leave or remain silent, if the TNI are working to dismantle the road continues to use violence against the people.

“We will not leave, as indigenous children but also as a representative of the people, we will not keep silent, will continue to speak out on the attitude and actions of the TNI who’ve hurt people,” he said.

If we got the report back from the community, we were ready to take a firm stance to stop the road construction project or member who tortured people will be told to get out of the area.

Parliament Nduga hope Pangdam XVII / Cenderawasih want to go down there to dialogue with the community. We Nduga of Parliament would be great, there is a dialogue between the military commander and its members and the community. We sit together with the Regional Commander and Commander, we’re talking about the attitude and actions perpetrated by TNI troops who were engaged in road construction there.

“This is for the benefit of the community then we do not reject development path that is being done by the State, but we just do not like the attitude and actions of the TNI,” said Leri Gwijangge.

Meanwhile Kapendam XVII / Cenderawasih Colonel Teguh Puji Raharjo acknowledges related to the reports received by the legislators nduga regency that there are individual members of the military who served pave the way in Mamugu-Nduga-Jayawijaya committed violence against citizens, this time it did not know of those responsible , so expect people who feel they have been persecuted for reporting these elements.

According to him, if the people reporting the problem then it will definitely be followed up, who the persons who commit such violence and could also prove that unscrupulous members of the violence and persecution of the community, so it can take action against unscrupulous members of the TNI in accordance with the law in the military.

“I do not know closely the problem was, as I know they have assigned there related to the opening of the road that brought the central government, if indeed there are the actions of individual members of the military who committed abuses against citizens can be reported to members of the military who,” he said on Sunday (20/3 / 2016).

Said Kapendam, the report in question was that individual members can be found, because the duty to build a road that amount is also quite a lot that needs to be known in detail then action will be taken if there is evidence of violence against the community in nduga regency, especially for the construction site of the road.

“I hope members who are serving there also can keep the attitude to the people who were there, we are serving there to provide security and help pave the way for the community,” said Kapendam XVII / Cenderawasih Colonel Teguh Puji Raharjo. [Jebi]


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