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Close the Office of International NGOs in Papua

Jayapura, CNN Indonesia– 2015 would seem to be the year of separation for non-governmental organizations or nongovernmental organizations in Papua. They received instructions from the government of the Republic of Indonesia to cease operations and withdraw from Papua in December ini.Menurut Human Rights Watch, International NGO activists fate is not much different with foreign journalists working in Papua. Their presence gets strict supervision for fear smuggle interests that could potentially destabilizing national’s security. “The discourse of the closure is long, even on several international NGOs in Papua,” said Human Rights Watch activist Andreas Harsono told CNN Indonesia.Sejumlah INGOs which had already shut down its operations in Papua, among others, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in 2009, the Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development Aid (CORDAID) in 2010, and Peace Brigades International (PBI) in 2011. “Even the presence of foreign journalists in Papua is still very limited. Although Jokowi ordered access to them is opened, it has not obeyed the command of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “said Andreas.Lihat also: Foreign Minister to grant licenses to lay out data to PapuaOrganisasi nonprofit Foreign Journalists from the UK, Oxfam, became one of the international NGOs are now should be ‘folded’ in Papua. December was the deadline for Oxfam and INGOs others remaining in Papua to hurry withdraw from Earth of Paradise. “The policy of the central government of the Ministry of Social Affairs stated that all permits cooperation of all international NGOs can not be extended. It can only be worked in Papua until December 2015, “said the coordinator of Oxfam eastern Indonesia, Ellva Rori.Kegiatan Oxfam in Papua during this time is to work to improve the welfare of cocoa farmers with aid in the form of counseling, coaching, and other supporting equipment. But now Oxfam inevitably had to close their offices in separate Jayapura.Secara, Social Minister Khofifah Indar Parawansa claimed to not know the policy of closure of international NGOs operating in Papua. According to him, Ministry of Social Affairs had only authorized the extension of residence permits issued recommendations for those who have dealings with people with problems kesejahteraansosial (POM). “Closing it has nothing to do with us,” said Khofifah.Khofifah declare the existence of NGOs in Papua affairs of other ministries.

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