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Papua-Indonesia Dialogue should take place immediately

Papua-Indonesia Dialogue should take place immediatelySeptember

29, 2015 2:01 pmStatement by the Executive Director of the LP3BH27th September 2015The reference made about human rights violations in the Land ofPapua in the Communique issued by the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) inPort Moresby, Papua New Guinea which was held from 7-11 September thisyear make it clear that this problem has become a regional issue oreven a universal issue.This became clear from the statement made by the PIF as representedby the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea who, as the chairman of thePIF for 2015, stated that while they acknowledge Indonesia’ssovereignty over the Land of Papua, they cannot close their eyes andremain silent but must bear in mind the information they have beenreceiving from the Land of Papua regarding human rights violationsthat continue to increase year after year in the Land of Papua.This is why the PIF has begun to prepare a fact-finding mission togather information from the Land of Papua. For this purpose they willcall on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to discuss matter with theGovernment of Indonesia..This means that the ‘ball’ is now in thehands of President Ir H Joko Widodo.It is possible that the Government of Indonesia will not allow afact-finding mission to visit the Land of Papua but this certainlycannot be accepted in Indonesia because human rights is a universalissue and in particular an issue for the Pacific region.As the recipient of the ‘John Humphrey Freedom Award’ in 2005 inCanada, I call on President Joko Widodo to appoint a minister to takecharge of a dialogue between Indonesia and Papua. This dialogue shouldbe held as soon as possible at a ministerial level.This should include the Jaringan Damai Papua (Papua Peace Network)and the Indonesian Institute for Scientific Knowledge (LIPI) which hasfor the past five years been calling for action to end the social andpolitical conflict in the Land of Papuapeacefully.bymeans ofdialogue.There is a very pressing need to hold such a dialogue which couldalso help to reduce international concern about the the position ofthe Government of Indonesia regarding the Land of PapuaThe issue of human rights violations has further intensified sincethe decision was taken earlier this year by the Melanesian SpearheadGroup (MSG) to accept the United Liberation Movement of West Papua(ULMWP) as an observer. This decision cannot be taken lightly byanyone, including the Government of Indonesia. The MSG’s decision willcertainly have an impact on the social-political situation in the Landof Papua where pressure will intensify because at the regional leveland in the Pacific region, there is the possibility of the issue ofhuman rights in the Land of Papua being raised at an internationallevel.The LP3BH (The Institute of Research, Analysing and Development ofLegal Aid) – Manokwari will continue to press for dialogue betweenIndonesia and Papua. We will open a Post which will listen to theaspirations of Papuan and non-Papuan people and their understandingabout the social and political situation and the human rightsviolations that have been occurring in the Land of Papua and take intoconsideration all their suggestions about resolving the basicproblems in the Land of Papua, in particular the call for dialogue.PeaceYan Chhristian Warinussy, Executive Director of the LP3BH (TheInstitute of Research, Analysing and Development o f Legal Aid][Translated by Carmel Budiardjo, Recipient of the Right Livelihood Award, 1995]

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