TIMIKAKNPB Timika News —- On this day Monday dated 28 September 2015 19:00 Hours wpb have repeated the shootings against civilians 2 School children in the market culverts breeding complex Timika Papua. Names of victims Caleb BAGAU (17) was shot dead, still student status STM Kuala Kencana three classes. And Efrando (17) was shot in the chest and legs, satatus still school children Student SMK Petra Jl.Budi Utomo Timika Papua while more critical in hospitals sp 1 Timikam hey two still high school kids.Initially approximately 19.00 WPB Caleb, and EFRANDO with his friends sitting sitting under the pole tower, tiba2 police used patrol cars entered in the complex multiply and mengkepung in homes and ask the locals that, where children are messed up in here, but it is due to the complex situation in the breed was still safe Finally Mobil patrol that had gone parked in one of the homes of people jayapura and ask-nanya there.Then there are people who go to the police that the children were always messed up here and his parents OPM, and not longer than 10 minutes later a police officer using a 3 car Dalmas, 5 Avansa cars and about 15 motorcycles entered andsurrounded the complex multiply.All controlled by the police later that the police are conducting raids eventually Caleb BAGAU victims for fear ran towards PLN eye turns in the road to meet with members of the police.The police immediately using Pistol Silencer and shot against Caleb and Nanto BAGAU shot in the chest and legs, after successfully killing the police membawahnya go to hospitals and to date the victim Caleb BAGAU in KNPB Office and the PRD region of Timika. KNPB sources Timika,

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