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WEST PAPUA ISSUE HAS POTENTIAL TO INFLUENCE PNG GOVERNMENT .Some of us advocating for our issue of west Papua really think that png government position is against our interest butI really think we do not understand the pressure PNG is on with Indonesia and Australia as Susan hatten put it correctlyin her recent comments onLewis Prai Welliprecent post.Most of us a very vocal on our issue here in PNG but at the same time we ( pngs) must be concious about our international relations with Indonesia and Australia as much as we want to do with our internal politics and governance.The issus of west Papua has a greater potential of making and breaking our government and therefore we must be coonsiderate in how we play with the issue of West Papua.The Oneil & Dion government is the olny government in png which speaks about west Papua and has gained international attention particularly with its recognition at MSG recently and now with the PIF.Indonesians are now considering Oneil as Pro West Papua and therefore Indonesia and Australia may do anything andeverything to influence possible change of government in the couple of months going towards our National Genetal Elections in April 2017.We need consistentcy and to maintain support, some of our critics must really take into consideration of our geopolitics and our internal politics in PNG .Some of you West Papuan comments must not be driven by what you think of others advocating about our local politics in PNG but look at it in a bigger picture….We must stick to our advocacy on the issue and not trying to challenge government decisions. Leaders in png are elected in the house and have been manadated to rule and in doing so, they are will versed with what is happening to play their cards right for interest of it nation and its people as paramount.While we say as must as we want to say and do, there West Papuan leasers moving in and out of our country with heavy money bags bribing our politicians and you know of that and why are you not helping us to stop this people working for Indonesia, just as we are talking, it is understood a west Papuan shifted bag of cash and landed at jacksons airport yesterday and was picked up by the Indonesia embassy and you are talking too much about what we can do but what can you do to help us.We have different faction fighting for the same issue on different fronts which is not helping our government..nowyou west Papuans are caring Indonesian money into our country in trying to shape our government and installed a pro Indonesian government backed up by Australian.We are not stupid an are consicious about what is happening and so we must play it right..i urge you all to take this intoconsideration and talk to your own factions groups such as the unification body ULMLP to address this correctly to help our government. On the international fora, we are compared nothing to Indonesia but we are force to be recon with if we play out diplomatic game corretly.I therefore I appeal to West Papuas living abroad and those so called leaders not to interfere with out domstic national politics. If you want us to support you than you must eradicate and remove any obstacles to our struggle so you can help us to help you.You are also making our country become safe haven for Indonesian operatives moving in and out shifting money bagsfor Indonesian in trying to downplay and influence making of our government.I suggest and strongly recommended OPM to rise and monitor any bugs abroad or within Indonesia to monitor movements and association of operatives, while we are doing this, i m also vulnerable to our common enemies even on my soil.You all must help us to help you.Thanks..

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