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DON’T TERRORIZE AND BULLY MELANESIA…AUSTRALIA & US AND INDONESIAN ….LET OUR PEOPLE GO!!We must understand that the government of png now is the government that acknowledges west papuan issue and is talking a bold approach in addressing WPissue as far as MSG and is ready to take it as far as other regional forums such as PIF and further to international forums like the ASEAN & UN.I agree with many comments from activists and supporters of West Papua with West Papua living abraod with your comments in the struggle that we publish withour intention to draw international attention.PNG UNION FOR FREE WEST PAPUA is the organisation which has taken bold stand this time in our time by way of drawing our government into diplomatic confrontations with Indonesia ever in history done by any governments before, wecan embark on a war of words diplomatically to rage our concern for our Melanesian brotherhood, however we do not stand to face a goliath in a military confrontations as we do not have the military power.Therefore this government is been realistic in taking diplomatic stand in addressing WP appropriately.I make my stand clear to invite and stir conflict of concern that really needs support from AUSTRALIA ,AMERICA & PNG to liberate other half of our island of PAPUA which remained colonised for half a century under alien domination and aggressive and brutal control by Indonesian.At the same time we also require goverment support of Australia to take a bold stand to address issue of WP. We are going to be 40 years old since political independence 16th September 1975 and we must see the liberation of west Papua now.We cant be looked down at to be regarded as subservient people in melanesia with foreign neo colonial approah anymore..Our government is ready to be on its own and to help its Melanesian brotherhood…West Papua is part of East Papua.East Papua was colonised by Australia and West Papua is colonised by America under puppet goverment of Indonesia since 1969 and that is the fact we know in the greatest controverty of politcal dominance of powerplay..Purely NEO COLONIAL…COME ON, THE SRAMBLE OF COLONY HAS BECOME HISTORY TO THE EUROPEAN WORLD BUT STILL SOME PEOPLE THINK WE ARE STILL IN OUR STONE AGES.Why are these two offshoots of anglo saxons are still dominating neo imperialists politics in the sphere of soutb pacific …we are melanesians and can both let our people go free…We are not equal in your military strenght and therefore it is only appropriate not to bully and terrorise our people.DOES THAT CONNOTES TERRORISM? ???Thanks


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