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USGov: Trafficking in Persons Report 2015

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Indonesia Chapter:


Indonesia is a major source country and, to a much lesser extent, destination and transit country for women, children, and men subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor. Each of Indonesia’s 34 provinces is a source and destination of trafficking. The government estimates 6.2 million Indonesians­many of whom are women­ work abroad, mostly in domestic service, construction, factories, or on plantations or fishing vessels. A significant number of Indonesian migrant workers face conditions of forced labor, including through debt bondage, in Asia and the Middle East and on fishing vessels operating in international waters. Malaysia remained the leading destination for migrant workers from Indonesia, followed by Saudi Arabia, despite the Indonesian government’s moratorium on issuing permits for domestic work in Saudi Arabia. The government also maintained a moratorium on permits for Indonesians to work in domestic service in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait…

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