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The ULMWP’position and the Melanesian Spearhead Group

West Papua Action Network

Comment by the Executive-Director of LP3BH

A recent statement made by the Prime Minister of Fiji, Frank
Bainimarama, who said that the fact that the Melanesian Spearhead
Group/MSG. made it possible for both the United Liberation Movement
for West Papua (ULMWP) and Indonesia to attend the recent meeting of
the MSG means that the MSG is in a position to facilitate the solution
of the problems being faced by the Melanesian people living in West
Papua and elsewhere Indonesia.

This statement shows that the leaders of the MSG are well aware of
the social and political problems and the cultural problems that have
confronted the Melanesian people who inhabit the Cenderawasih Land for
many years.

This means that the opportunity for including on the agenda the
problems that are of crucial importance in resolving the basic human
rights problems that have confronted the people in the Land of Papua

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