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AWPA Summary of events in West Papua for June 2015

West Papua Action Network

Australia West Papua Association (Sydney)

PO Box 28, Spit Junction, NSW 2088

Summary of events in West Papua for June (to July 7) 2015

West Papua is at the MSG table

The ULMWP, representing the West Papuan people have been granted observer status at the MSG described as “an observer member under the regional and international category representing West Papuans living abroad,” Although the ULMWP and the West Papuan people must be disappointed that they did not receive full membership, is it as David Robie said in his article “In the end, the MSG failed the test with a betrayal of the people of West Papua by the two largest members. Although ultimately it is a decision by consensus.” or as Dan McGarry from the Pacific Institute of Public Policy Policy suggests in his article “Anything less than defeat is a victory” (29/6/15).

However, the bottom line is…

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