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60% Student In Jayapura Never Have Sex

As many as 60 percent of middle and high school students in the City and County of Jayapura, Papua, have had sex by the age of 15-17 years are free. This research was conducted by the University of Melbourne, Australia during 2012-2013.

Head of Planning and Regional Development (Bappeda) District Jayapura, Hanna Hikoyabi said, one reason is the lack of control of the family and the influence of the surrounding environment. It will be applying positive discipline and providing security for students, ranging from school, so that the behavior is no longer followed by the next generation.

“15 means tuh junior high, to? Junior high, high school and beyond. 60%, the circumstances that we must quickly deal with, provide guarantees, parents, adults, giving assurance to the children that such behavior does not support our generation. Then the positive discipline started school, the child can actually get an education that truly he could as a child, “he said.

Jayapura Regional Government in the near future will also be selecting pilot schools in terms of teaching positive discipline. It also has consulted with the Ministry of Education and Culture, in order to conduct positive discipline can be included in the curriculum.

In addition, to improve student behavior related to sexual problems, various government agencies involved such as the Department of Education, Office of Women’s Empowerment and related agencies.


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