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Political attitudes Papuans support ULMWP

Political attitudes Papuans support ULMWPOur nation of West Papua since the creation of the World Until Doomsday, our nation of Papua. Our heirs and owners of this country. Papuan ancestors ancestors, animals and animal universe on this land plants trees, river, sea mountain, valley and coastal Pante We Rawah and West Papuans. Human owners and Heir Eternal Papua island of Sorong to Samarai.On behalf of Malanesia family that has gone, in the name of an existing malanesia families now and in the name of the upcoming malanesia family and on behalf of the Creator of Heaven and Earth. We the People of West Papuans, stated: We are not part of Indonesian Malay race but, our nation Papuans living in Papua is a territory west of Ras Melanesia in the South Pacific. West Papuans are Melanesian race of 4 races in the South Pacific.The people of Papua have the same political rights to independence and self-governmentthe same form sepertri Another brother Ras Melanesia in the South Pacific, namely PNG, Fiji, Solomon Island, Vanuatu and New Caledonia New Kanaky.But we were on the right continue to be ignored and continue dihancukan Upon engagement of capitalism, imperialism and klonialisme have killed Fate of the Nation West Papua through UN Resolution No. Agreement authorizing the 1752 New York and the UN Resolution No. 2504. Whereas before 1945 when the United Nations was founded, Papua region have not had the Self-Government(Non Self Governing Territory) that Papua entered into the list of Non Self Governing Territory on the UN Decolonization Committee (24th UN Committee).Then formed a Commission of South Pacific (South Pacific Committee) through the Canberra Agreement on 6 February 1947 to accelerate development for the United Nations in the South Pacific region starting from that line of 0 ° latitude north, in the western part of New Guinea from the Netherlands and the East in Vanuatu and New Caledonia in the South part of the agreement by the Canberra Agreement Article 2 (Canberra Agreement).This is done under the UN Charter Article 73 which was passed through a UN Resolution No. UN No. 1514 and Resolution Melanesia Nations in 1541 becauseClumps Clumps are not the same as the Nation Indies (Indos Nesos, Indonesia), the Netherlands register Territory Netherlands Indies (Indonesia) and Netherlands New Guinea (West Papua) separately as the Netherlands Antilles and Suriname.The UN then admits Independence Netherlands Indies (Indonesia) since the recognition of the Netherlands in the Round Table Conference (RTC) dated December 29, 1949, the Indonesian claim in KMB is a violation of the UN Charter Article 73 because it did not respect the right of self-determination Melanesian ethnic group (Papua Western).The implementation of the referendum in Papua In 1969 the so-called Act of Free (PEPERA) also violates Article 18 of the Treaty of New York that the UN passed Resolution No. 1752 because the rules change so that the Assembly Systems International became involved 600s Indonesian People of Key and Dobo and 400 Papuan People are forced by KOSTRAD under the leadership of Brigadier General Ali Murtopo whereas in Article 18 of the Treaty of New York Agreement prohibits the Indonesian people involved unless they are People lived before 1963. Indonesia sent to Papua to follow the process PEPERA (Determination of the opinion of the people) is the Religion Teacher sent to Thevillages since 1963-1969.America and the United Nations shall responsibility Papua issue because America who urged Dutch West Papua submit Administration under the Government of President John. F. Kennedy through the threat of termination of the Marshall Aid Plan for Building Rehabilitation strife-ravaged due to the incursions of Nazi Germany.Then UN Secretary Daag Hamarsjold Swedish killed in Congo then replaced theUN Secretary General Uthan from Burma when Daag Hamarsjold been preparing Self Determination West Papua Melanesia Nations along with the Netherlands but Uthan together diplomat Ellsworth Bunker America that sent President John. F. Kennedy as a mediator (mediator) between the Netherlands and Indonesia.So after administration of West Papua fall into the hands of Indonesia in 1963, John Kennedy Sukarno pay several thousand tons of gold by the Treaty of Green Hilton in Switzerland with a Swiss bank and Freeport started signing the First Employment Contract 1967 before the Referendum (PEPERA) in 1969.As a result, up to this moment No law authorizing Papua Indonesia became the 26th province to Papua and the 33rd for the province of West Papua. Both cuman ratified by Presidential Edict No. 1 of 1963 for the province of Papua and Presidential Instruction No. 1 of 2003 for the province of West Papua.It is similar to East Timor which cuman MPR passed through this region is because two other State Registered in the United Nations Decolonization Committee since 1945.Hence Corruption, manipulation, Genocide, marginalization, discrimination,Abduction. Melanesian race extermination is sistemasis massive and structured performed by an klonial Indonesia for 50 years in West Papua.Then the people of Papua should reject all klonial system to destroy the people of West Papua and impede the right to self-determination based on the UN resolution No. 1514 and 1541. People of West Papua should be returned to her biological family Pasiik Melanesia in the south because of submarine 54 years we lived with stepfamilies Melayu Indonesia in Southeast Asia. We must kembalai to our Home Melanesia.Pursuant to the above then we people of West Papua in the west Papua tritorial of sliding samapai Merauke Convey that:1. We declare that the people of West Papua, West Papua nation not a nation ofIndonesia Malay race in Southeast Asia but we are a nation of West Papua is the Ras Melanesian South Pacific.2. We the people of West Papua expressed full support to bring a ULMWP WestPapua Melanesia to the biological family and our house MSG3. Urge the Heads of States members of MSG in order not to be dictated by the Indonesian government, because it would reduces and destroys the spirit of Melanesian nationalism itself.4. West Papua Nations urged leaders to follow up the decisions MSG MSG The 19th summit in noumena Kanaky has decided the importance of the right of self-determination for the people of West Papua as other nations in Melanesia.5. The people of West Papua have fulfilled the decisions of the leading people in the MSG joint communique on June 26 in PNG, therefore in the 20th MSG summit in Honiara ULMWP represent west Papua became a full member of MSG.The process of the Papuan struggle for independence is an absolute Right People of West Papua in order to maintain identity, self-esteem and as owner and heir to the Land of Papua.Such is the attitude of West Papua People Support To ULMWP the spearhead to dismiss Destruction Race Malanesia In the territory of West Papua from Sorong to Merauke.Port Numbai_West Papua, June 5, 2015WEST PAPUA NATIONAL COMMITTEE [KNPB]Ones SuhuniapGeneral Secretary


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