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The raising of the Morning Star in Kampung Sereh Foiled

Jayapura – Jayapura Police foiled venus bunting (BK) by a group of villagers Lemongrass, Sentani, Jayapura, on Friday (29/5) afternoon.
Jayapura Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner when contacted said Sondra Siagian, a group of citizens led by Pdt. Darius Kogoya, S.Th, it plans to fly the flag “O Ye Doan” (the Republic of West Papua) in front of his house in the village Citronella Sentani, but before the police have flown directly thwarted.
At that time, said Chief of Police, members Intelkam Jayapura Police received information the flag hoisting plan “Ye O Doan” in Kampung Sereh in front of the house Sdra, Darius Kogoya, S.Th, then members Intelkam together Jayapura Police Criminal Police Unit Opsnal Jayapura, led by Jayapura Police, Adj AKP Intelkam Sai’in to Kampung Sereh for monitoring.
At 12:15 Wit, Pdt. Darius Kogoya, S.Th, along with six colleagues looked toward the flagpole is located in the courtyard of his house and opened the flag Ye O Doan, instantly Intelkam Members together Jayapura Police Unit Jayapura Opsnal Criminal Police into the home page and then immediately seize the flag Ye O Doan and Darius securing Kogoya together six of his colleagues.

Currently seizure, the situation was secure and under control. Then the members of the Police Dalmas Jayapura Jayapura police chief chaired AKBP Sondra Siagian, accompanied by Head of the Jayapura Police Ops AKP Sujono arrived at Kampung Sereh and directly conducting searches around the scene.
Then Darius Kogoya together six of his colleagues secured to the Jayapura police station by truck Dalmas for examination related to the flag hoisting plan.
They are secured to the Jayapura Police Darius Kogoya, S.Th, (36 yrs), Chairman Ye O doan, Kampung Sereh Sentani Tima Kogoya (53 yrs), Forward Wenda (60 yrs), Jhon Kogoya (46 yrs), Ulu Kogoya alias dice (46 yrs), Ombed Wenda, One Kogoya (26 yrs).
Evidence that is secured in the form of 1 piece Flag Police Ye O Doan size of 2.56 cm x 1 cm. 1 piece of flag pole, 1 unit CPU Computers, Books Memoriam Passionists in Papua in 2012 as many as 9 units, 1 unit Special Laptop Darius records Kogoya, S.Th, a former political prisoner cases of attempted treason flag was BK on 1 May 2011 in the tomb of Field Alm , Theys. H. Eluay in Sentani and 3-year prison sentence, then have free dated May 2, 2015.
“There is an indication of the location of the raising of BK at home Sdra. Darius Kogoya is a base / secretariat of the Republic of West Papua, “


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