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Parliament calls for decisive government sikapi separatist movement

Challenges of the separatists in Papua increasingly bold. Than just cast a physical war on the military challenges, even rumored to kidnap members of the military were stationed there.

Responding to the challenge, the Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives, Agus Hermanto calling on the government took a firm stand to face separatist movements. Because potentially destabilizing the Homeland security.

“If we expect the government to be firm. And we believe, military, police and other security forces are ready to act and get rid of it because it will disturb security,” he stated in Parliament House Senayan, Friday (29/5).

When asked further about the many roles of external parties, including foreign countries interested in Papua, Agus said that all the problems which include the region must be resolved.

Therefore, continued Agus, such separatist movements clearly jeopardize the integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia as a unitary state, while the foreign party must also be affirmed not to interfere the internal affairs of Indonesia.

“Whether it is an international problem associated with foreign parties, as well as local issues with residents there, all of it must be resolved as well by the government. In order for the settlement of the protracted conflict could also be realized,” said Agus.

“Because such a separatist movement is a form of undermining the integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia, so must be solved by the government as soon as possible,” he concluded.


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