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47 KNPB Members Arrested

JAYAPURA – A total of 47 members of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) were forced to arrest police officers in a number of places in the city of Jayapura, Papua, on Thursday (28/05/2015). They were arrested for unlicensed demo of the Papua Police.
Papua regional police chief, Inspector General of Police. Drs. Yotej Mende to Bintang Papua, said the arrest was an instruction given to the police chief and his staff. Therefore, KNPB an unofficial organization.
“I’ve been down that emphasize KNPB organization is an organization that is not official. They do just about anything, including demos and still we do not allow the arrest is to my knowledge, “he said in the Papua Police Headquarters.
Meanwhile, Wakapolres Jayapura City, Commissioner Albertus told reporters, members of KNPB secured because they are against the law and against the State as well as disturbing public keteriban.
“Members KNPB was arrested as many as 47 people and now has been secured in Jayapura City police station for to do data collection and inspection. After the examination will be sent home, because police believe that most of them are joining in, “he said.

Albertus argued, from 47 people who secured it, only a few people who made suspects such as, leader and coordinator of the demo, because the others just went along. “One of them is secured KNPB spokesman, he is being examined,” he said.
According to him, mass KNPB it violates Article 160 of the Criminal Code that is who is doing the incitement orally and in writing in public and opposition to the state and Law, threatened with a maximum of 6 years in prison.
To anticipate the actions of anarchy, Albertus states, members of the Police together with members of the Police Mobile Brigade Sabhara Papua and Papua Police providing security at some point in the near campus Uncen Perumas 3 new, the Parliament Building and Expo Waena Papua, Jayapura city. “We’ve been doing persuasive approach towards them, but they did not heed even pelted police so that they are secured,” he said.
In addition 47 people were secured, Albertus stated, the police also seized a number of items belonging to past evidence of KNPB Among them, 1 piece toa, 5 pieces of the flag KNPB tied on a wooden stick, 1 piece of drums made of PVC, 1 sheet banners reading ‘ Papua People officially invited foreign journalists immediate humanitarian agencies to come to Papua.
While as many as 10 sheets panflet pamphlet containing ‘soon realized the words of the president for the entry of foreign journalists into Papua to cover information on Papua, polotik Rights socio-economic culture of the Papua NKRI not entitled to restrict democratic rights, democracy requires open space in Papua broadest breadth and soon release two members of KNPB Biak and Manokwari two KNPB members unconditionally.
Monitoring Bintang Papua, Jayapura City Police Headquarters, 47 members of KNPB continues to perform Data Collection and related examinations involvement in demonstrations conducted.
Meanwhile, one of the members of KNPB is secured in Taman Imbi Jayapura, Nope Asso states, conducted a peaceful demonstration to demand the central government to open up the democratic space to the people of Papua.
“We demand to local governments, especially the Papua Police to open space Foreign Journalists access to Papua and demanded the release of KNPB is secured in Manokwari and Biak to immediately free and supports Papua into the MSG,” said Bintang Papua Nope to the current headquarters secured Jayapura City police station.
He deeply regrets the attitude of the government, especially the police officers who provide the democratic space to express their opinions in public. But in reality, what is presented is not appropriate to expect of indigenous Papuans.
In fact, according to him, the basis of arrest against them as KNPB activists have a clear aspiration not perform actions incompatible with the Homeland, as do the anarchists and carrying weapons.
“This arrest us feel happy because increasingly well known throughout the world. The more we do the more we caught a peaceful demonstration and increasingly recognized that we Papuans not given democratic space in their own land, “


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