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PETER ONEIL IS A TRAITORBy: David Dom KuaPrime Minister of Papua New Guinea Peter Oneil made undertaking in the international media last month after getting a lot of pressure from the Social Media campaign on West Papuan issues that he was concerned about the acts of genocides and attrocities in West Papuan and made his stand clearly to support our melanesian neighbors on humanitarian grounds however what he said appears now to be a was a fat lie to melanesian people after the visit of Indonesian President Widodo yesterday’s.Chronologically;After the Prime Minister’s brief statement in support of West Papua in Australia recently, the Foreign Minister Rimbink Pato jumped of from his seatand flew to Djarkarta and rebutted the Prime Ministers statement saying that” West Papua remains and integral part of Indonesia and accorded that PNG should respect Indonesia sovereignty over West Papua issue.The act of Minister Pato in rebutting against the Prime Ministers statementis act of direct insubordinationto the office of the Prime Minister Oneil and warrants to be reprimanded but instead Minister Pato was allowed to transacthis negotiations with his counter Foreign Minister of Indonesia.A few days later two prominent West Papuans arrived here in PNG and were sighted having secret official dialogues with Prime Minister and Minister Ben Micah at Grand Papua Hotel, the two West Papuans are Franzalbert Zoku and Nick Messat.later in a week after their return, the Indonesian Foreign Minister arrived to PNG and met with our Foreign Minister and offered USD$20 million (K51million ) and stated that funds was allocated by Indonesia government as an Aid package to assist MSG countries.After she( the minister) left for Indonesia, world reknown activist for West Papua, Mr Benny Wenda flew in from England and was refused entry by Immigration officials under instruction from the Minister Pato. He was detained for two nights in Port Moresby in the custody of friends and was later deported out of Jackson’s airport.about the same time.ULMWP General Secreatary Octavinius Mote arrived on another from USA. Both were expected to convene here and move on to Vanuatu but due to Benny Wenda visa problem, he was ordered out of the country.All this drama was happening at the airport while the Minister responsible was already in Vanuatu at that particular moment.Then a week later, PNG UNION FOR FREE WEST PAPUA was officially launched alonf with its counterpart organization at the Granville Motel on 03/April 2015. They all unified to support to call for an end to acts of genocides and ultimately demanding for freedom of West Papua.a weeks later, A west Papuan arrived from Australia and was believed to be making arrangements to meet certain ministers and high profile politicians when he was robbed off his very confidential docFred Christian MambrasarMambrasar house at Tokorara as reported on the media.The report on the robbery was misleading due to the fact that the raid conducted was not in tokarrara as reported…later the report indicated that substantial amount of money in foreign currency was stolen so this brings us to the question, what was the money intended for and why was he seeking hisbest to see high profile ministers and politicians?After all this prior happenings and pre -arrangements, President Widodo arrived to PNG two days ago and successfuly met with our Prime Minister Oneil and sign two bileteral agreements and significantly endorsed PNGs support for INDONESIA to MSG BID as an observerOUR ANALYSIS,Our Nationalism and Sovereignty as PAPUA NEW GUINEAN and MELANESIAN can not be traded with the INDONESIANS’ for economic gaineddirectly on our Melanesian brother’s BLOOD MONEY.THE PEOPLE OF PAPUA NEW GUINEA ULTIMATELY RECOMMENDS TO OUR GOVERNMENT TO RECIND ITS DECISION TO SUPPORT INDONESIA AND INSTEAD SHOULD NOW SUPPORT WEST PAPUA CALL FOR POLITICAL INDEPENDENCE.WE MUST NOT LIE TO OUR MELANESIA COUNTRYMAN !!!! FREE WEST PAPUAsource:


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