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Jakarta-Papua Dialogue Figures version Transitional Living In Papua to the Homeland

Jayapura – Settlement of various issues which are demanded by the Papuans, who to this day still voiced, the Papuan independence, make the various components of the Papuans and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia tried to get a concept that could be a good finish to the root of the problem.
There is a thought that is quite interesting to note that of the characters who live in the transition of Papua from Dutch colonial rule in the hands of the Republic of Indonesia.
Namely Fred Suebu, that when the switchover teenage, Bintang Papua told about what happened when the transition occurs, including its proximity to the two-President, respectively Sukarno and Joko Widodo.
“I was awarded a scholarship to study in the Netherlands. Because there is an agreement between the Netherlands and Indonesia to Papua transition to the Republic of Indonesia, then by President Soekarno I moved to Jakarta, “she recalled, when they travel to Papua Star editorial on Monday (16/3).

At that time, Fred Suebu was going to college in the ITB. But by President Soekarno I was asked to become president khsusus staff.
“I also had a staff in the Office of the Secretary of State, then minister Mr Adam Malik,” he continued.
So what Suebu Fred thought about a way out for the completion of the demands of indigenous Papuans of different ideologies, such as OPM, as well as other indigenous Papuan organizations asking for independence, including those abroad.
Which is a major problem, according to Fred Suebu is the statement in the first point Trikora (Three People’s Command) which was read President Sukarno in Square lor, Yogyakarta.
“That phrase ‘Foiled establishment of the State of Papua made in the Netherlands,” said the figure was closer to the President today, Joko Widodo, and was giving his views on the issue of Papua to the President Jokowi when called to Jakarta by Jokowi before it officially became president some time ago.
It was, especially the State designation made in the Netherlands, led to the perception that the State should own Papua has become sovereign.
Told, after Trikora operation, which led to the agreement of the hands of the Dutch colonial transition to the Homeland in Newyork treaty of 1962, and the official transition occurs implemented in 1963, to the present Papua maslaah the roots can not find a way out that can resolve completely.
There are a number of thoughts related to the path of dialogue which received a positive response from the central government (President Jokowi), which include the issuance of a letter that was signed to be the President, representatives of the Papuan people under the auspices of the UN, including the form of a warrant cessation of shooting and hostility on both sides.
“Next was a peace treaty signed by the parties, Indonesia, Netherlands, United States, Soviet Union, China, Papua and the UN,” he said.
With the termination agreement shooting, the OPM will be more free to be invited to dialogue.
And in dialogue, he said should be reached agreement for the release of all Papuans who is currently a political prisoner. Also bring back Papuans are currently seeking asylum abroad.


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