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NOT ABLE argued, Police broke up the crowd KAIMANA KNPB

NOT ABLE argued, Police broke up the crowd KAIMANA KNPB

Crushed and disappointed enveloping sense of heart after visiting a number of activists KNPB Kaimana Police office to hold accountable for the detention of activists KNPB Kaimana over Mother’s Name Umi Werfete Safisa. The events that took place at 13.00 was held briefly, and dissolved premises Forced period.
Brief chronology:
13:30 arrival time at the resort Kaimana Police Station, past the police station to ask the attendant Kaimana daily to face with the police chief bertata Kaimana. After dipangil, Kaimana AKBP.HRSITUMEANG S.iK Police questioned the purpose of the coming period so that future KNPB answered emphatically we wish to know the reason for arrest KNPB members this morning at the mall. Hearing this, the chief of answer the first question, we catch members distribute leaflets Mr Boycott Presidential Election since July 9.
Police responding to a statement asking some questions to the future so that no wet basih police chief, police chief Kaimana give orders to its members to forcibly disperse the past.
In a dissolution action against the police who are doing the future, Chairman Ruben KNPB Kaimana Furay at one o’clock by a plainclothes member of the Police Force. After the incident, KNPB period not respond with assertiveness, but prefers to secure the future situation.

Discourse and Attitude

See attitude and actions undertaken by the Police Resort Kaimana, KNPB Kaimana judge that there was no reason for the Police Law reort Kaimana in arguing that the last approach that they can do is arrest and repression against the people of West Papua People KNPB and especially members of the PRD Kaimana.

Related election of the President of Indonesia July 9, 2014, calling for KNPB Kaimana West Papuan People’s in Kaimana still boycott because it is a national agenda for the people of West Papua declare to the world that the people of the nation internasonal West Papua want is Self-Determination Through Mechanism International ie REFERENDUM.

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