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Jayapura, 4/7 (Jubi) In addition to the police on behalf of Brigpol Asriadi declared dead, three people were found dead after the incident at the Market Youtefa dissolution gambling that occurs on Wednesday (2/7).

The death toll in this incident is justified by the Papua Police, Irjenpol Tito Karnavian, Thursday (3/7) yesterday. Citing site, the police chief did not know three of the four people who died in the incident, in addition to its members, Brigpol Asriadi. Three unidentified men, one of them killed by police gunfire. The other two are found in different locations of the victims who were shot and killed police. Three dead, the police mentioned as Koya residents.

Victims were shot dead by police this, mentioned by the police chief for attempting to attack Iptu Boby, other police around the Black Land. The victim was shot dead was initially arrested by police over reports of on-site Youtefa market. The victim was allegedly involved in the gambling market Youtefa which was raided by police on Wednesday (2/7). When taken to the police station, Black Country, the victim escaped and hid in the houses. Still according to the Papua Police, as reported, while pursuing the victim is eventually shot dead, Inspector Boby beam and beaten with bicycle chains by the victim. Boby Iptu then shot the victim in an attempt to defend himself.

Police also said two other deaths, found in markets around Youtefa after the dissolution of the gambling incident two days ago. The identity and cause of two people who died is not known for certain.

But other information collected Jubi, said after the dissolution of the gambling incident, two people were found dead on the road to KM 9 Koya. The two men who were killed identified as Asman Pahabol and Yanus Pahabol. However, no known cause of death of these two men. Meanwhile, another person on behalf of Vian Wetipo reported by some students in Housing III Waena missing since Wednesday, after the incident at the Market Youtefa.

The students from Papua who contacted the Jubi, said shortly after the incident at the Market this Youtefa, police arrested several of their colleagues around Round Taxi Housing III Waena. Those arrested include, Hakul Kobak, Ono Balingga, Yandri Heselo, Ronal Wenda and Kesman Tabuni. It is not known whether they were arrested in connection with the incident Youtefa market or not.

The market’s incident began when police Youtefa will disperse gambling activities in one corner of the market Youtefa. The perpetrators of gambling take the fight that led to the deaths of Brigpol Asriadi and Brigpol Samsu Huta injured. Police also confirmed two police weapon is taken away by people after the incident occurred. (Jubi / Victor Mambor) T


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