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After the meeting of the Melanesian Spearhead Group Leaders (MSG) in Port Moresby on 26 June, Prime Minister Joe Natuman Vanuatu Vanuatu reaffirmed commitment to push the issue of West Papua liberation. Natuman said the Vanuatu government still continues to look at opportunities to push the issue of West Papua on the UN level.

Natuman, told reporters that the government of Vanuatu is considering asking the International Court’s opinion.
“We consider seeking an opinion on the legality of the UN process performed when handed this former Dutch colony to Indonesia.” Said Natuman in Port Villa, Vanuatu (30/6).

Earlier, the Prime Minister of Vanuatu said the same thing in Port Moresby.
“This process (at the level of the United Nations) is still open to us. Now we have to deal with such problems. We talk with Indonesia, have a dialogue with Indonesia and Melanesia dialogue with all people of various inclinations. Especially political tendencies in the provinces of Papua and West Papua. “Said Natuman in Port Moresby, on June 27.

Natuman also appreciate MSG’s decision to seek a more proactive approach with Indonesia in order to help overcome the problems of development in Papua. Natuman itself, in the future Prime Minister Moana Kalosil, appointed to represent Vanuatu in the MSG ministerial mission to West Papua. But the end is not involved because Natuman Vanuatu decided to withdraw from the mission.

Since becoming an independent state, Vanuatu has demonstrated his commitment to the issue of West Papua. Some of the previous Prime Minister of Vanuatu, such as Walter Lini and Barack Sope are two current Prime Minister of Vanuatu bring the issue of West Papua on the UN level before followed by Moana Kalosil and Natuman own. Moana, was even accused of MSG countries have denied the Papuans as Melanesians entity.

“Vanuatu is the only country in the world that is not afraid to stand up and speak for the rights of freedom for the people of West Papua in both the United Nations (UN), or other meetings anywhere in the world,” said Prime Minister (PM) Vanuatu Moana Carcasses Kalosil, after delivering a speech to the UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva last March. (Jubi / Victor Mambor)

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