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Silencing Freedom of Expression in Papua Rise , There are 3 Arrest Patterns , and Process Discriminatory Law

Jayapura , STEP MAGAZINE – Coordinating Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence ( KontraS ) Papua , Olga Helena Hamadi said , silencing the freedom of expression in Papua continues to increase , there are 3 patterns in the arrest based on the year , and the law always discriminate against civilians . ” Since 2008 , the escalation pembungkanan increased freedom of expression . Instead of protests , fundraising action alone should not be , ” said the lawyer for Human Rights ( HAM ) in commemoration ‘ International Day for the Right to Truth about Abuse – Major violations of Human Rights and Dignity of the victims ‘ recently in the pages of Anthropology Museum , University of Paradise ( Uncen ) Jayapura , Papua . In addition , Olga assess the distribution of information are very different between what is happening in Papua with what is expressed by the Government in Jakarta . ” Distribution of information are very different , as Jakarta Papua another . Concrete examples about Political Prisoner ( Prisoner : ed ) Papua . Jakarta said there was no political prisoner in Papua , but the reality in Papua , Political prisoners continue to rise , ” he said . Recipients Special Recognition ‘ Lawayers for Lawyer Award ‘ for human rights lawyers in Amsterdam , Netherlands in May 2013 that said , based on the occurrence of which there are 3 patterns of arrest is suppression of freedom of expression for people of Papua . ” There are 3 patterns of silencing freedom of expression . In 2004 under arrest only happen to people who carry the Morning Star flag and scaling up . Many cases , one of which was the case Well , people carry the flag was captured , ” said Olga . But , he said , since 2008 , the pattern changed . Those who take action – protests against Law – Special Autonomy Law ( Autonomy ) Papua captured . ” Many were arrested while rejection Autonomy action , ” said Olga . ” But now , there are a lot of ammunition and other inventions – where else – where then arrested , ” he said . According to Olga analysis , although the pattern changed , but the stigma of Papuan separatists to everyone who expressed strong protest to the state never changes . ” There is one that does not change , that stigma , ” he said briefly . Problem stigma Olga said , is not only experienced by students and activists and civil society . However , the stigma experienced by lawyers and human rights activists . This brave woman explained , the approach taken forces against civilians in Papua as long as it is not an approach to security and procedural arrest . ” Many critical activists sent to prison . They were associated with other cases and framed . Article that used to always catch the coated article . Then , after being arrested and put in jail , access to family and lawyers are always closed . We are guaranteed by the Constitution – Act only access closed . KNPB When our actions are not denied access , ” he explained . ” Then , many were killed in the name of treason , but no cases were finished , ” said Alumna Faculty of Law , University of Paradise ( Uncen ) Jayapura it . Olga also highlight the discrimination before the law . ” There is discrimination , if the perpetrator is the police or the military , then the process is not street legal . , But , if that ‘ s when civil society is no discrimination , ” he said . One again , Olga said , there has never been clear violence perpetrated by anyone . ” There is violence committed by other units and check by another unit and we do not know how we could get . We always get phones and other terror

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