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migrants in Papua Booming , Dumupa : Deport Them !

Jayapura , STEP MAGAZINE – In recent years , the number of illegal migrants in Papua allegedly increased . To reduce the rate of illegal migrants , the Papua provincial government is trying to immediately impose a three ( 3 ) types of identity card ( KTP ) . ” Indeed , every day there are new people from outside Papua . One way around that is to apply the three ID cards , ” said Wonda Sendius , Head of the Papua Regional Secretariat of Governance , told reporters recently at the Governor ‘ s office , Dok II Jayapura , Papua . ” The first ID card , specifically for the Papuans . KTP second , for the non – Papuans who come looking for work . If the contract has been completed , any – time to return to the area . Third KTP , non – Papuan people who just came to see the family in some time limited , perhaps just one week , ” said Sendius . This policy , he said , needs to be applied . Because if not , he says , there are concerns that Papuans will become increasingly marginalized and minority in their own land . The trend was recognized Head of Information Technology Management Communication Papua province , Arschipus Kaize . Kaize said , the flood of migrants from outside Papua citizen is a serious problem that must be viewed together . ” People in Papua curly hair now might just be the part Mountains . Wherever in the coastal area has been dominated by non – Papuans , ” said Kaize . He mentions several examples of districts that have been dominated by non – indigenous people of Papua and Papua ( OAP ) has become a minority , is Merauke , Sarmi , Keerom , Timika , and the consortium . To cope with the flow of illegal transmigration , Kaize agreed with a special ID card that will be expected to restrict the entry of non – Papuans into Papua . Kaize also welcomed the efforts of the provincial government through the Governance Section of Papua who are struggling for there must be a special ID card . Related to that , James Dumupa , Chairman of the Working Group of Indigenous MRP , say , the MRP as institutions of culture on the land of Papua , already several times mentioned the proposed Papuan provincial government to immediately make a statement that prohibits non – Papuans into Papua enter freely . MRP ask for it to be addressed immediately , because if left unchecked , according Dumupa , Papuan People gradually be eliminated in the land of Papua . ” We asked , all entrances to Papua should be closed , ” said Dumupa . The author of numerous books about Papua cited , all entrances to the air , to be centered in Biak and for entrance by sea , centered in Sorong . ” Sorong and Biak be opened . Non – Papuan People who are not interested , just sent home immediately , ” said James , . Among Students in Jayapura Papua assess three policy KTP was a good solution . ” That we support , because the free regular migrants to Papua , ” said Esau Mogo Tatogo , University students Ottow and Geissler ( UOG ) Jayapura . Only he is concerned , do not let it simply a discourse without realization . ” If it ‘ s true , do not just words – words . We ask for it to be implemented and enforced , ” said Esau . He hoped that the efforts of three ID cards in Papua province immediately applied . ” Do not be limited to the issue and said – words . Papua Today people become spectators , because of all the sectors controlled by outsiders . Across all regions have many new faces without a clear identity , ” said Tatogo . In Paniai Regency , said Tatogo , every day growing number of immigrant population . Kind of – kind of their respective professions . Traders , motorcycle taxi drivers , clerks , security personnel , and most obscure work . ” People outside the entrance free of Papua , including to Paniai , because there are no regulations to limit them . So , I guess it ‘ s a good ID card to later clarify the purpose and length of their stay . ” Papuan activists , Septi Meidodga never mentioned the increasing number of non – Papuan population . He said , the whole area is mostly dominated by non – Papuan population , population density increased sharply even result in Papua native getting behind in various aspects of life . Septi ask for it to be taken seriously . MRP , he said , the agency has an obligation to defend the culture , the people of Papua heard complaints there needs to be confirmation of the movement of people from the area ( island ) another to Papua . ” The government should control this problem , there needs to be a policy with strict rules in limiting new residents to Papua . Do not arbitrarily be KTP , ” he said . Despite government stopped the transmigration program to Papua , in fact dark migrants still arriving . Every time the white ship sailed to Papua , there must be a new resident fell in every port of destination , ranging from Sorong as Papua entrance . Allegedly , KTP free migrants . This is different from the Papuan children arriving in a city study on the island of Java to study , when the difficulty of KTP for mercy . Always complicated . Even to finish college , never have ID . ” Until this study is complete would kitong all tra have ID from here , ” said one of Papuan students in Yogyakarta , beginning in December 2013 . The reason , according to him , ” Officer usual difficult for us . And , this is nothing new , of first kitong have a brother – sister and a college senior who completed the study of the city of Yogyakarta is always experienced the same thing . ” Easy colonists entered into this rich country , says Septi , of course , have an impact on the existence of OAP . Therefore , all corners of Papua almost dominated immigrant population . They bought land – vacant land . There , houses , kiosks , and shops , was built . Various other types of businesses developed homesteader . Yes , all lines of life control . Known , since 1961 the migrants were brought to the land of Papua . Arso , Koya , Nimbokran , Taja , Lereh , Nabire , Mimika , Merauke , Manokwari , and Sorong , transmigration is the target area at the time . There , the newly opened land , housing built . Also a variety of infrastructure : roads , bridges , transportation , electricity , telecommunications , and other public facilities in Unit Residential ( SP ) , the name of transmigration areas .


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