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Ini Analisa Pemberitaan Pemilu pada Media Masa di Papua

Jayapura , STEP MAGAZINE – Chairman of the Alliance of Independent Journalists ( AJI ) Jayapura City , Victor Mambor presents the results of the analysis of the mass media in Papua on local elections , Legislative Elections , and Election of the President of the Workshop on ” Role of Media and Public Information in Papua Election ” , this afternoon , Saturday ( 22 / 03 / 14 ) at Horison Hotel Jayapura , Papua province . Victor explained , the Voter Registration stage , the news tends to contain interviews without observations in the field . In addition , the news tends to be written without the background legal regulations or regulations concerning the election . At the stage of registration candidates , Victor analytical results show , the media in Papua tended to when candidates officially enrolled , but do not preach any political party process in determining calegnya . Also , the news is presented without laterbelakang regulations or laws about the politics of party and candidates . Then , headline news during the campaign , candidates tend megedepankan informant interviews . This could strengthen the public express their views that made ā€‹ā€‹ the news is paid news . Meanwhile , news theme at this stage is always biased between a news story or a particular candidate sosisalisasi party campaign . At this stage of the campaign , the selection of persons in the election news was dominated by a particular resource portion of the political parties and candidates as well as the safety authority was greater than the portion of the KPU and Bawaslu as election organizers . Then , even a very minimal portion of the community . It assessed undermine civil authority especially KPU as . Rated well , almost invisible code of cound in media coverage of elections . Assessed as well , reports of violations in the election minimal . At this stage also assessed , creative candidates get less exposure ; reporting uneven campaign ; Party dominated by deep pockets . Political attitude of the mass media and the news is not yet clear female candidates still considered minimal . At the stage of Results Announcement , the media tends to fill up the interview without field observation of processes occurring mainly KPPS , PPS , PPD until Election Commission and the district and province . Then , the media tends to lean on the end result in the Commission ; electoral process becomes important for the mass media . Potential Conflicts Like What ? Mambor noted , the potential for conflict exists when a dispute regarding the right to vote and voter data accuracy by the Commission . Then , disputes concerning the fulfillment of the terms candidacy . Then , as a dispute arising from the impact of campaign violations or ketidakteganya law enforcement , for example related to the criminal money politics . Another potential conflict is a dispute related to the recapitulation process and results arising from differences in understanding or immaturity of the parties to accept the results Pemilikada . According to the editor of www . tabloidjubi . com , there are two potential conflicts that may occur due to mass medi news . First , he said , the conflict – based stages in the General Election . This type of conflict were related to the conflict in the stage – setting pair of candidates , campaigns , counting , and recapitulation . Secondly , Mambor analyzes , conflict – based non stages Election . This type of conflict most of the residual conflict rooted in the mass struggles example of ethnic conflict and other economic resources reappears other stages in the process of Election . She is the manifestation of conflict according to the law of conflict ( the lawsuit to the Court and the Election Supervisory Committee ) ; conflict mass ( due to mobilization by parties – certain parties on the date of the DPT polling day or the determination of post election results


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