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Brimob in Nabire stabbing Residents , Police Keep Genesis Location

Nabire , STEP MAGAZINE – Person Brigade ( Brimob ) in Nabire , Papua province , Friday ( 14 / 3 / 2014 ) yesterday at around 18 . 00 am stabbing a young man , David Kobogau with 3 colleagues at work belongs to the field Futsal Papua , Village Kalibobo , Nabire District . Majalahselangkah watchlist . com at the Regional General Hospital ( Hospital ) Nabire this afternoon , David Kobogau still hospitalized in a state of helplessness . David was stabbed in the back right . Meanwhile , three other youths had left the hospital to perform the treatment at home . How did it happen ? This afternoon , majalahselangkah . com got to the scene and met some people there including the owner of Field n futsal . Marca , residents Kalibobo said , ” Yesterday was indeed there was gunfire as well ., But , it may be a warning shot . We fear , so do not go see .” Andre explained , ” There is a young man who went into the field in a drunken state . Currently it fit members of Brimob and youth playing futsal . Continues , their quarrels and unrest . Then , there Brimob stabbing youth – the youth . Said , there is a motor that burned , but I do not know , whether the motor was burned after a stabbing or earlier . ” Futsal owner has not provided information in this regard . This afternoon , it appears some members of the police were still keeping – watch the scene . Told reporters , yesterday , Friday ( 14 / 3 / 2014 ), Police Nabire , AKBP Tagor Hutapea said , at first , only BriMobs reprimand the boy who was drunk . However , the young man does not accept the reprimand and the motor burned Brimob members , resulting in the stabbing . Nabire police chief also denied the existence of a shooting at the scene . Local police have not provided information about Brimob personnel who perform this stabbing . Meanwhile , the owner of Futsal is difficult to comment about his testimony at the time of the incident . One of the families of the victims in the hospital said it did not want to comment about this . ” I do not want to comment yet . Anyway , I had the need to recover ,” he said briefly . Meepago Indigenous Council Chairman , Reuben B . Pinibo judge , stabbing openly – openly this occurred after Brimob placed in Nabire . ” If the police just plain did not exist so bright – brighter . Having sent Brimob new events occur , they patrol the streets every day around town this Nabire just like there is a war . Was no security , just make people afraid ,” he said . One of the activists said Nabire in different places , that young man was drunk , then the security should not stabbed but was handcuffed and secured . He said , as if to stab it and it was his intention not to secure badly . As of this writing , it has not been assigned the media information about the name of the perpetrator stabbing . Meanwhile , Nabire condition is under control , there is no commotion or the demands of the families of victims to perpetrators


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