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April 2nd , at 5 Countries Will Activist Urges Papua Liberation Prisoners

Jayapura , STEP MAGAZINE – activists and people who are members of organizations monitoring human rights ( human rights ) such as Amnesty International , the Free West Papua Campaign , Survival International and the International Prisoners will initiate demonstrations on 2 April 2014 the day after tomorrow in 5 countries . In a statement received majalahselangkah . com , Monday ( 31 / 03 / 14 ) evening , demonstration will be held Scotland , the Netherlands , Australia , New Zealand , and the UK . The demonstration took place outside the Indonesian Embassy in the country – the country . They will highlight and urged the release of 76 political prisoners in Papua Papua . Prisoners Campaign Coordinator , Esther Cann said the Indonesian legislative election will be held in Indonesia , including Papua , on April 9 , 2014 . However , democracy for the people of Papua increasingly narrow , no arrests in the action – the action of the more peaceful and political prisoners . ” Political Prisoners in Papua suffer . We will highlight it , ” he said . Described , the action to be performed is unique . The demonstrators will be handcuffed hands and mouth , will be taped closed . ” Of course , this is the way of love Prisoner to know the Indonesian government to respect the freedom berkekspresi in West Papua and release all political prisoners immediately and unconditionally , ” Esther said in the statement . International Political prisoners have had the amount of data continues to increase Papuan Prisoners 2 – fold from last year and reports – reports of alleged mistreatment of Papuan Prisoners also increased . Esther said , the Papuan Prisoners increasing because of their activities and the raising of the Morning Star flag demonstration against the country ‘ s policy of peaceful


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