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Not feeling Homeland, KNPB Warning Reject Youth Pledge

jAYAPURA – West Papua National Committee ( KNPB ) refused Youth Pledge Day commemoration is often celebrated annually on October 28 , including those that will be implemented with the Red and White flag ceremony Expansions by LMA and BMP in Border RI – PNG . They refused on the grounds that the position of the Republic of Indonesia ( Republic of Indonesia ) in West Papua is considered illegal and invalid .
As stated by Spokesperson ( Spokesperson ) KNPB Wim Rokcy Medlama when held a press conference at Café Prima Garden Abepura , Thursday ( 24/10 ) yesterday afternoon at approximately 14:30 CDT.
According KNPB spokesman Wim , that the position of the Republic of Indonesia in West Papua on the basis of past history manipulation , because the physical and non-physical with the Melanesian Race Race Malay can not be combined into a single nation because of all the ethnic groups that exist on this earth is placed by God in accordance with race , family , tribe and region respectively . Similarly, West Papuans were placed in the earth of Paradise , apart from Indonesia .

” We the people of West Papua does not require the existence of the Republic of Indonesia in West Papua , but what we want is a freedom from oppression , colonialism and violence committed by Indonesia against the people of West Papua nation , ” he said .
Wim says so familiar greeting , Republic of Indonesia in West Papua where illegal according to the people of West Papua as the foundation and also the history of the struggle and the United Nations Indonesiaa West Papua is very different .
” Although Indonesia and West Papua have both colonized by the Dutch . But we can not forget the history of the struggles of the past , where Indonesia is also struggling to free themselves from the Netherlands , and vice versa West Papua’s struggle to escape from the Netherlands . The history of the struggle is still different and can not be equated that West Papua is part of the Republic of Indonesia , ” he said in a press release distributed to reporters .
Wim reiterated , that the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia on August 17, 1945 , no West Papuans who took part and witnessed the proclamation . Moreover , fought for the independence of Indonesia .
” People of West Papua is inserted into the Homeland or annexed West Papua into the Republic of Indonesia nation after 18 years later , starting on August 17, 1945 s / d May 1, 1963 . So based TRIKORA dated December 19, 1961 in Yogyakarta Square by the first President of Indonesia Ir . Soekarno for economic interests in Papua , so that we the people of West Papua have never admitted Homeland power in West Papua , ” he stated at length .
In addition, said Wim nation in the history of the struggle of Indonesia , West Papua people never struggled together even none of the West Papuan people who are members PPKI and was never present at important events or the official forums in the history of the struggle of Indonesia as Youth Congress , meeting PPKI and Youth Pledge .
Therefore , on October 28, 2013, in commemoration of Youth Pledge Day . Where , those who call themselves as Indigenous Peoples Organization ( LMA ) and Barisan Merah Putih ( BMP ) will hold a ceremony at the White exposition Red Flag Border RI – PNG was considered illegal and invalid .
” Both the LMA and BMP which will celebrate the Youth Pledge Day , we deem illegal because the Youth Pledge ( October 28, 1928 ) that there is never a Papuan youth representatives to participate at that time , then our Youth West Papua promise to continue to strive to realize dream West Papuans lofty ideals to stand alone and ‘ Freedom ‘ from the Homeland colonial occupation , ” he said .
On the basis of history and the mind that , as a young man giving 9 points West Papua statement . ( mir/don/l03 )


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