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Papuan forest area had about 31 million hectares . This is a potential capital to be managed , in order to realize the welfare of the Papuan people . But forestry increasingly complex challenges and require serious attention wisely . Therefore , the presence of institutions that implement forest management at the field level is an urgent need that must be met in order to achieve sustainable forest management in Papua .

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” The population of Papua approximately 2.9 million people , of which 31.98 per cent , are poor and of the poor population , about 69.9 percent, or around 660.408 souls to be around the forest and need to get attention for it,” Papua Governor said Luke Enembe through the Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs III Papua Recky Amrauw when opening and Discussion Workshop Encourages FMU as Locus pengelelolaan Terintegratif Forest in Papua , in Jayapura Hotel Swissbel , Thursday ( 10/10 ) .

Lack of organization Forest Management Unit ( FMU ) , which is responsible for forest management , sustainable forest management then kaedah covering economic, social and environment can be applied . ” Social conflicts that occur in the forest area has been caused by the neglect of social aspects in the management of forest resources . Therefore , the existence of social problems can be expected KPH proportionate interest in the management of forest resources , ” he said .

He added that the operational KPH Acceleration is the first step towards independence . To that end , as the manager of the site , FMU is expected to be strong institutions that can integrate all elements and interests that exist in the region kelolannya while giving top priority to the aspect of sustainability.

” Independence KPH at least should be achieved on the main tigahal , institutional FMU , forest development and financing . Therefore , I hope the participants will be able to realize institutional KPH merumuskkan how credible and professional to aspects of sustainability , ” he said .

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Head of Forestry and Conservation of Papua Province , Jan. Jap L Ormuseray said, according to Decree No. 188.4/656 and zoning by the Minister of Forestry No. 481/Menhut-II/2009 , then in Papua will be set up 56 units KPH . Currently , KPH has been built and has been operating 2 units each KPHP archipelagic KPHL Yapen and Biak. ” While the construction of the FMU is still in the process of development that is 3 units each KPHP Keerom , KPHP Waropen and KPHP Cross Sarmi and Mamberamo Kingdom , ” he said .

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Forward through policy support and financing from various parties , in Papua, in the five -year period up to 2018 will be built 25 KPH units spread across the districts / cities in Papua . For the implementation of post- construction operation KPH KPH and realize the necessary policy support , capacity building and human resource community forestry aperture , financing systems that are directly managed by the FMU and support community development and support partners KPH apra parties in accordance with their mandate .

” If these supports can be provided , then the targets of the forestry sector to contribute to the alleviation of poverty and ensuring environmental sustainability or the role of forestry in achieving sustainable forest and prosperous people can be realized , ” he said .

Additionaly , there are some forestry sector targets within the next 5 years , the economic targets increased revenue , increased GDP contribution of the forestry sector in Papua province . ” Target ecology ie, increased forest cover and an increase in forest areas , namely social targets memfasiitasi mapping pastisipatif FMU areas and increase community capacity , ” he said . ( Jubi / Alex )

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