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In October 2013, the Mobile Brigade-88 Detachment Operations Back Paniai

Bogor – After forcibly repatriate Mobile Brigade Paniai district that operates at the behest of the head of government of the Republic of Indonesia through the Chief of Police in some time ago , just take advantage of the situation to defuse spotlight mere emotional from abroad over winter operations took place there .

At the time itupula , the newly elected head of government in the District . Paniai Heng Kayame , SH.M.Hum hundred working days in a speech said in Paniai do not need the added security again . He said Detachment 88 who served in Paniai itupula must be returned to Jakarta . This speech was a positive response by the police chief Tito Karnavian Papua return of many dark forces . However , every few months lately they mempesiapkan more specifically to resume operations against militants and members of civil society interfere Paniai .

The areas that have been labeled as red areas such as Paniai , Puncak Jaya , Kerom , Timika , Papua , and all . Several companies from the Mobile Brigade Paniai that had this been a standby ready to go back there again . Two groups will be leaving in the last week of October 2013 was the surgery group was dark Detachment 88 and Brimob troops .

The second is derived from a specialized team of Song Halang Bogor . One week ago I betemu by Brimob members who had served in Paniai , said after we got home from there we learned education penembahkan accurate and underground operations . He said again , Kab . This Paniai emergency or red area , the West Java regional police restore us there again .

He continued , we ‘ve been around each village in Paniai includes Stout Blue Gold panning illegal places far district. Bogobaida – Paniai . We surround each night from village to village , daytime insurgents can shoot us . ( he said ) . I said , what the brother is not afraid to kill the civilians . The answer is yes , civil society is not exempt development in the district . Paniai , then we re- sent to go oversee the development of the local government .

Should they accept that development. But the mission does not fit in the field , of course, the only way we have to spend bullets to kill people for a memorial to liberate its construction operations . How adaftasi ecology , he said there cold regions . Civil society dreads , dark skin , long whiskers assessed a special feature for dicurigakannya but do not remember the cold regions . We do not segang – segang shot . He said again , each eye has the special monitor .

There intel operations before dark , they served at a crossroads and in parenthesis beside the stalls . Then , I send short messages via mobile phone to the mayor on this Brimob delivery . Nevertheless pesang not reply brief. The most important for me is a message to the leaders of the protests has reached number one in the Paniai .

We are waiting for a response in the field , what he refused to repatriate again or not . Mission hundred days of work program had been overcome , but the state ‘s mission to destroy the Papuans not stop until we are all gone . ( UN / M.G )

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