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Homeland Founded in Top Concept One [ Speech Milad AM to 35 in Sweden ]

Homeland Founded in Top Concept One [ Speech Milad AM to 35 in Sweden ]
Dr. . Husaini Hasan [ Atjeh Elders Independence ]

Brothers nations Malay Archipelago .

Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia which you now live founded on a misconception . The concept of the continuation of the colonial Dutch East Indies archipelago nations wither .
Indonesia was established on the basis of the unification of nations or kingdoms in Southeast Asia that has been conquered by the Dutch in colonial times .

This forced negara2 conquered by the Dutch government ruled under Dutch Colonies called the Dutch East Indies ( Dutch East Indies ) .

What rights Indonesia inherited the Dutch East Indies continued occupation of the State of Aceh ,
Malay peoples in Sumatra , Pasundan State , the Sultanate of Java , the State Bali, Lombok , Sumbawa , Maluku islands , Borneo , Sulawesi , and Papua , while heir to the countries that are still there .

Very irony again is the occupation of any kind has been prohibited in this century , why the UN and the countries belonging to the UN silence sake only letting up occupation of the Republic of Indonesia Malay archipelago nations .

What rights Indonesia seizes upon the earth and mining of Aceh , the Moluccas , from Papua and of the Malay archipelago countries brought to Java and Java to build the country’s children are treated as children and have worshiped their colony to Jakarta expecting mercy Jakarta to reclaim a bit of their own crops that have been transported by RI to Java or has been sold by the Indonesian authorities ?

The Netherlands has been fighting nations wither in Southeast Asia separately and put them together under a single administration , which was centered in the occupation they jakarta , formerly known as Batavia . The concept of the colonial Dutch East Indies continued with just renamed the Republic of Indonesia ( Republic of Indonesia ) .

Territorial integrity is still intact as the Dutch colonial period . If during the Dutch colonial past, they feel lucky to unite the administration set from Batavia , under Dutch colonialism So that the child they are easily grasped colonies in one hand , and collect all results in Java and outside Java to go home to Netherland , but now all the results of gathered outside Java to build Java .

Nations we are still colonized outside Java such as the Dutch East Indies era . If we used against the Dutch colonial soldiers , now the soldiers of Java sent to our countries to kill with ruthless the people in Aceh , Papua and Maluku . Results of our country is taken , our people killed .

For young children nation Aceh , West Papua nation and nation are already direcruit in Maluku military . Do not you feel that you are killing your own people ? Own people , his own brother , who you kill and torture .

We have lived under this system the wrong country for 66 years . Compared to other countries in the Malay archipelago ‘s more independent lately , such as Singapore , Malaysia , Vietnam , we are far behind in terms of political or economic terms .

They are much more advanced than we were already early independence . RI has been experiencing political and economic crises several times . State administrative problems and corruption increased in dibantras is not possible anymore , such as cancer that has spread to the bone with metastasis to the brain . System administration Homeland centralisasi only benefit :

1 . Foreign investor countries . They are easy to deal with one hand sake only to profit doubled from konsessi mine , konsessi forest , which they made. Enough to deal with a general or a minister who holds the power for the whole of Indonesia.

2 . Make it easy for corruption bureau chiefs . Indonesia is one country that is wide enough , quite rich with natural resources and has a population nr . 4 highest in the world . Needs than 250 million people are held by one hand of course extraordinary profits .

In terms of personal gain of an individual / company is the world capitalists do not want this Homeland broken . They remain happy and want this Malay islands exist in one hand , making it easy to continue their occupation in the form of economies of nations wither this archipelago . The central government system with communist ideology , or capitalist , the result is yes , just the same . One of the industry in one hand for all the nations that are under their colony .

Favorable is the generals who held the role / authority over lands outside Java and entrepreneurs who have the power to determine the purchasing and supply domestic needs of children throughout Greater Homeland.

Generals who gets konsessi tropical forest felling and selling the logs out of the country . Regardless of the destruction of tropical forests and the destruction of nature and global warming.
Is the destruction of the Republic of Indonesia can be prevented ?

System Unitary Central State High has been practiced by the Russian empire , which used to be called with the Soviet Union or the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics . USSR as a superpower country in his time , could survive as a Highly Centralized State only 69 years ( 1922-1991 ) .

Various forms of government system and unity of nations have attempted to them . In 1991 split into 15 countries, namely : 1 . Armenia , 2 . Azerbaijan , 3 . Belarus , 4 . Estonia , 5 . Georgia, 6 . Kazakhstan , 7 . Kyrgyzstan , 8 . Latvia , 9 . Lithuania , 10 . Moldova , 11 . Russia , 12 . Tajikistan , 13 . Turkmenistan , 14 . Ukraine , and 15 . Uzbekistan . Chekoslavia nation split into two countries , namely Chechs Czech Republic and Slavs . Likewise, the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia last 65 years ( 1946-2011 ) , has now become an independent state , namely 7 : 1.Slovenia , 2.Croatia , 3.Bosnia – Herzegovina , 4.Serbia , 5.Montenegro , 6.Republik Macedonia , and Kosovo 7.Republik . Kosovo proclaimed its independence on February 17, 2008 and is recognized as the Republic of Kosovo on February 4, 2011 .

Various forms of governance model has been tested , in the end the final solution , and establish their independent state respectively as above .

In 1945 there were only 51 countries that make up the United Nations abbreviated with the UN or United Nations . It is now 194 countries that are members of the United Nations . Scottland is quite prosperous and civilized now being demanded independence , separated from the United Kingdom and stands alone as the Free State . Quebec is still struggling for independence from Canada .

At the beginning of independent Indonesia , national feelings of the Malay nations have emerged with the formation of the Federation states ( federal ) in the form of Nagra Pasundan in West Java , NST , NIT dsb.didalam Republic of Indonesia (RIS ) .

The struggle of Independence was not a criminal act , but it is a sacred act and a legal right of every nation . Important that way, do not violate human rights . God has created us human beings in the world of nation -states are the same , just one world .
Get along well hang your neighbor , do not be one nation invaded another nation . If so then the war will not inexhaustible surface of the earth . In the modern and civilized world is now almost all problems can be solved over the kitchen negotiations , through talks .

Not as primitive era, first , at first just talked . That cowboy ways , the ways of thugs , use the law of the jungle . The important thing is organization , mangement , communication . Use the ease of IT , internet , mobile , lobbying , diplomacy , and all the conveniences today.

Who are the losers ? The people and the nations that colonized them. In respect of the loss is Homeland peoples in Sumatra , Kalimantan , Sulawesi , Bali , on the southeastern islands , in Ambon , in West Papua . Homeland rulers than not feel that they are ” public servant ” or servant of the people , who work to provide service to the people , for the people’s welfare . But Homeland rulers treat people as their bondsmen , their colonial slaves to be submissive and obedient to the interests and will of the central government .

66 years we lived under the grip of military rule ABRI , TNI Air- dual function . In the countries that have been independent as in Europe we do not see a military roam the city complete with their weapons ready to fight like Koramil , kopaksus our country .

Homeland has no external enemies who threaten to attack them . What we need is the people’s police to maintain order and to secure the people of murder , robbery , rape people’s rights in the country . In 66 years , there are many times and many times we see people murder , plunder of people and human rights violations committed by the TNI , Indonesian National Tentra , Homeland military , the people of Aceh , Sulawesi , Maluku , Papua .

Mass killing during the DI in Pulut Cot Jeumpa , Simpang KKA mass murder , mass murder Tgk . Bantakiah and his disciples , were never prosecuted in the International Court of Justice . Killings , and violations of human rights to the people of Aceh is no different than murder as the people above Libya by dictator Gaddafi tentra , or as genocide against the people of Bosnia by Milosevic .

Nations Malay archipelago and Malay Melanesian nations must prepare himself to save the United Nations . I look to reunite the nations wither the highway under the Union of the countries that is more just and steady does not invade each other as in the form of Homeland today. One model than Malay Confederation of Southeast Asia may be as below :
1.Republik Federation of Aceh Sumatra
2.The Federation of Java and Bali
3.The Federation of Nusa Tenggara
Unity 4.Republik Sulawesi
Unity 5.Republik Borneo
Unity 6.Republik Maluku and Halmahera islands
7.State of West Papua

Power sharing and the establishment of these countries we submit to the will of local peoples and nationalities such countries in determining their right of self determination .

Then if the Confederate states and the Malay Archipelago Melanesian nations to join Asean this entry or otherwise it will be discussed later in the meeting with the Malay states newly self-determination for the common good of the political, economic and national defense nations of Southeast Asia .

Wabillahi taufiq walhidayah , Wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullah .


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