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Talking about a country which us under illegal military occupation by another country, which is suffering genocide with over 500,00 of its people killed and at least one instance of torture by Indonesian forces every 6 weeks, the Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbot has claimed that “Things in West Papua are getting better not worse”

Photo: Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott shakes hands with the President of Indonesia and international war criminal, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono during his current state visit to Indonesia.

These sickening quotes and images come at the same time as a brutal crackdown by the Indonesian military and police on all West Papuan activists.

We are asking the Australian people to please help to spread the word of this secret genocide happening right now just 250 km from Australian soil, especially in such terrible conditions which is currently gaining a rare spotlight of press coverage in Australia.

This is a window we all cannot afford to miss, please continue to spread the word about what is really happening in West Papua and continue to pressurise your government and local parliamentary representatives to condemn this brutal genocide happening against Australian closest neighbor and to support the suffering people of West Papua in their time of need as they supported Australia in their time of need in the second world war.

To find out how you can help more, please visit our official website here:

Thank you very much

Here are some of the worsening conditions faced by the innocent people of West Papua in the last few months of 2013 alone.

This September, a West Papuan youth was shot dead by the Indonesian police for refusing to shave his beard and dreadlocks.
Hundreds of Papuans were arrested and detained for holding peaceful rallies in support of independence.
A West Papuan civil servant was beaten to death by the Indonesian police with the brains smashed out of his skull.

This August, two West Papuan people were shot dead by the Indonesian police in the street.

This July, the Indonesian military shot dead an 11 year old West
Papuan girl.

This June the Chairman of the West Papua National Parliament (PNWP) Buchtar Tabuni was arrested by dozens of heavily armed police in the middle of the street and brutally tortured.

This May, over 40 West Papuan people, including children in the highlands of West Papua were murdered and mutilated by the Indonesian military with several accounts of rape. There is brutal photo and video evidence of this heinous crime against humanity.

This April, 6 peaceful West Papuan activists were jailed for one year and 95 West Papuans starved to death due to systematic neglect and starvation by the Indonesian government.

We will not stand silent whilst the Prime Minister of Australia claims that “things are getting better not worse” and that “Papuans would be far better of as part of Indonesia”.

If this is a situation getting better, what in Tony Abbot’s mind is a situation getting worse?


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