Australian Consulate General in Bali denies threatening Papuan activists

Australian Consulate General in Bali denies issuing threat to the three Papuan activists who took refuge in the consulate complex Sunday ( 10/06/2013 ) morning .

Yanggam Rofinus student activists , and Markus Goo Yuvensius Jerewon consulate climbing wall Sunday, but then left the compound that day .

They called for the release of at least 55 political prisoners in Papua , and unfettered access for journalists to Papua .

The protesters say they ‘ seek refuge ‘ in the Australian Consulate , but Australian officials told them that they would be arrested by Indonesian authorities if they did not go away .

Australia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman said , Consul General Brett Farmer never issued threats , but explained to the three men that they were free to leave voluntarily .

Trade Minister Andrew Robb , who was in Bali , earlier said three protesters did not ask for asylum and left voluntarily .

However , Professor Clinton Fernandes , an expert on Papua , has a different interpretation of the incident .

He said he heard a phone conversation Australian officials scolded the three men , causing them to fear about their safety if until handed over to the Indonesian authorities .

Professor Clinton Fernandes said the three activists were still in Bali .

The Australian Greens Senator Richard Di Natale , called on the government to explain the situation when the protesters asked to leave .

Di Natale said , he would bring up this issue at the time of the Australian Federal Parliament convenes again .


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