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Official Vanuatu Papua countries in UN Speech

September Papua : From the UN to Geneva Switzerland . Left : Speech Vanuatu Prime Minister Moana Carcasses Kalosil at the UN General Assembly 28 September 2013 . Right : Rev . Socratez Sofyan Yoman speak at forum World Council of Churches in Geneva Switzerland 23 to 24 September 2013. ( Source link below )
Annual session of the United Nations , 28 September 2013 , when the prime minister of Vanuatu , Moana Carcasses Kalosil , invited the United Nations High Council debate forum . Today, Vanuatu requested the United Nations to appoint a Special Representative to investigate alleged human rights abuses in Papua province of Indonesia, and their political status . Speech from one of the countries in the Pacific by the Prime Minister has stated that West Papua has consistently denied the recognition of the United Nations ( related results PEPERA ) .
Vanuatu ‘s speech at the UN in 2013 , one of the 3 countries I ever fit in my previous article , that Vanuatu , Solomon Island and Fiji is ready to talk about Papua in September 2013 Annual Session of the United Nations . And now , one of the three countries have agreed is my vote from here , heheh .
The emergence Kalosil bolder than the previous prime minister . Thus , the attitude of this support is the realization of one of the 165 UN member states . West Papua problem has become the world agenda . Attitude is more specific than Vanuatu , than other countries that tend to address issues such as gender issues formal world , human rights , peace , Syria’s case and the issue of cooperation countries .
In May, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights , Navi Pillay , voiced concern over the Indonesian military violence against Papuan civilians , the peaceful demonstrations and called for , the Indonesian government to hold accountable those responsible for the violence . Until now ( SU UN ) No adequate transparency of the Indonesian government in addressing human rights violations in Papua , he said .
Tragedy of Syria and Papua
The prime minister also assured that the issue is not much different with the Papua issue of Syria at this time . Prime Minister Moana Carcasses Kalosil to the Annual General Debate of the UN General Assembly , ” We are now negotiating on the Syrian issue , but when it comes to the issue of the rights of the West Papuan people , our voices should be heard , even in the podium . Referring to the civil war that has killed an estimated 120,000 Syrian residents .
” How do we then ignore the hundreds of thousands of West Papuans who had been brutally beaten and murdered ? Kalosil Further , the people of West Papua to the UN hopes as the highest of expectations . It is clear from the historical record that many Melanesian people of West Papua is a cold war political scapegoat and sacrificed to satisfy the appetite for natural resources belonging to this country , said Mr Kalosil . Today they are still the victims of ignorance UN .
Moana Carcasses were , calling on the world “let us , the co- leaders of the country , with the same moral beliefs generate our support for the plight of the West Papuans . It is time for the UN to move beyond the boundaries and correct some mistakes of history .
Meanwhile , at a meeting of the World Council of Churches ( WCC ) , 27 September 2013 , Rev . Socratez Sofyan Yoman ( standing at podium ) , also arguing about humanitarian problems in Papua . He says , Papua want peace and always respect other human beings throughout the ages . This event brings together a number of faith-based organizations and civil society , church leaders from Papua , peace activists and UN officials , September 23 to 24 in Geneva , Switzerland . Consultation urgent protection of human rights in Papua . Rev. Sofyan Yoman Socratez talk on human rights consultations and peace for Papua in the Ecumenical Centre , Geneva .
Consultations in Geneva called political dialogue as the only path to peace and stability in Papua , a province in Indonesia. This area remains a focus of tension between the Indonesian government and the Papuan people over the years that resulted in serious human rights violations . Consultation entitled ” Human Rights and the Papua Peace ” organized by the International Coalition for Papua ( ICP ) , a group of faith-based organizations and civil society .
Mercenaries Free Papua Movement
Formerly of Australia reported that Gerard Michael Little , 46 , a resident of Melbourne , Australia , found guilty and sentenced to seven months in jail in the Brisbane City court on Thursday ( 26/09/2013 ) on charges of preparing to become mercenaries for the Free Papua Movement ( OPM ) . However , because the verdict was in line with the length of time served, he was immediately released . Judge Douglas McGill said Little effort to be a freedom fighter is just fantasy . The period of detention for 218 days , Judge McGill said , is much longer than the sentence imposed for the offense .
Little , who seeks to become a mercenary fighting for the Indonesian military and police in Papua , was found guilty of preparing to break through to the other countries . He was arrested while going to fly to the capital of Papua New Guinea , Port Moresby , last December . Since then , he was arrested and undergoing trial . Little had undergone military training five days in Ukraine , and in social media boasted that he held the rank of Colonel in the OPM.
OPM Diplomacy Versus GOI
The Indonesian government continues to work for the Papua issue no longer is bothering her . Plebilisit PEPERA from Newyork agreement childbirth UN resolution 2405 , guidelines for the history of the Indonesian state . However , the context Masnusia Rights , the world , especially countries such as Vanuatu continues mempersoalkannya at the UN .
OPM which was formerly considered a troublemaker movement ‘s security ( GPK ) by the Republic of Indonesia , it is now airing in parts of the country . South Pasisifk ( Vanuatu ) already showed its fangs . No longer a non-governmental organization to speak , but the state and the ” Constitutional ” . Differences with Papua campaign in the Netherlands , the UK and Australia , until now still limited to the sounds of the NGO observers .
Of the country , the Indonesian government is evaluating 12 -year journey of Papua’s special autonomy . In the future , if as expected or not , however , a serious concern in the frame state autonomy is not necessarily a damper instruments Papuan independence .
Need to be concerned , stagnant solutions attempt to solve the problem in Papua is sparking the world expressed their partisanship related to self-determination of the Papuans . Government considered ” silent ” undertakes Papuans demand for this to sit together to talk about Papua . However , answered by the Jakarta government , through regulation UP4B , UPK , Jalan , increased funding from the state budget and so on .
Dkritik military was on the UN as the mastermind behind the strengthening of human rights violations , it is currently a labor ” intensive” in Papua . Is this going to be a diplomatic reply the government that our soldiers are not beating up protesters and scare the Papuan civilians but they ‘ve told us urusin road in Papua .

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