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Yahukimo District disable demo in city…

Yahukimo , KNPBnews – Monday , 16 September 2013 in the Capital District Human Yahukimo into a sea of ​​good civil servants , SMALL CHILDREN , elementary , junior high , and high school / vocational school and society in general , in order to celebrate the International democracy which exactly falls on the 15th of september 2013 . This action in Mediation by KNPB Yahukimo Regional and Local People’s Parliament , and all elements of the nation ‘s in the Territory of Papua Yahukimo District Full Support for the referendum for Papua in accordance with International mechanisms .
On this occasion there are also some major tribes and sub- tribes support for Papuan independence from Indonesia or Papua Separation , tribes are as follows : Big Yali tribe , ethnic group Kimyal , Hubla ethnic group , ethnic group Ngalik , Big Mek tribe , tribe Una & Ukam large , Momuna ethnic group , ethnic group Mamkot , ethnic group Kokaka , Arimtap ethnic group , ethnic group Aripkot . Large parts Nayak , and some other parts of Sub .
The Civil Servants ( PNS ) also supports the operations for this action is one to convey support the Head of Papuan independence , ddan Also the Church also supports a term that is commonly used in the Yahukimo District Association of Churches Yahukimo ( PGGY ) PARTICIPATE Supporting independence struggle and Papua , which was delivered by Vice Chairman Persejkutuan Yahukimo Churches ( PGGY ) in Yahukimo .
All these activities all government offices , including the office and school level education from primary to secondary school Upper dilburkan to support some of the policy pursued by some countries for the West Papuan independence , to commemorate the International democracy , which is centered in the new District Office Open Field Yahukimo , and officials also understand people having memberikana Yahukimo permission .

Of this event are also some head – chief in the district of Yahukimo memperitahukan that :
Prohibited from selling Wood ( SOMEL ) by the entrants in the district of Yahukimo
Motorcycles are prohibited by the entrants in the District Yahokimo
Selling prohibited except orag indigenous Pinang
Admission includes employess should Papuans From the action on Monday , 16 September 2013 which is in all the land of Papua
Some point above , not dihidahkan the chiefs and some elements will masrakat sweeping in place .

Statement of the People’s Yahukimo

Support the policies of Prime Minister of Vanuatu , Mr Moana carcasses kalosil for presenting any problems in Papua United Nations annual general assembly in September 2013 this month .
Urged MSG MSG Summit follow up decisions that have been held on July 18, 2013 last . This is according to a statement issued by the chairman Mr MSG . Victor Tutugoro which urges the MSG leaders to seek resolution to the liberation of the West Papua issue on Monday, August 26, 2013 last .
Commemorating September 15th as the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF DEMOCRACY set by the United Nations , urged the government indonesiauntuk appreciate and give the widest possible space for the nation of West Papua .
Urge the Indonesian government immediately gives freedom to people of West Papua in accordance result KMB Den haag – Nederland in 1949, the Dutch government ‘s commitment through 1960 Speech QUEEN JULIANA article 18 section b – Testament New York August 15, 1962 Agreement and the 1945 Action action

Demonstration run safely to complete.


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