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249 Members Arrested KNPB Whole Papua

Jayapura – West Papua National Committee ( KNPB ) claims 249 members as Papua police arrested due to rally commemorating International Democracy Day , Monday ( 16/9 ) yesterday morning .
This was disclosed by the General Coordinator of Action Demo KNPB Warpo Wetipo accompanied Spokesperson ( Spokesperson ) KNPB Rocky Medlama Wim and I KNPB Chairman Agus Kossay , after holding a demonstration in Housing III , Wolker Camp Road , Village Yabansai , Ditrik Heram , Monday ( 16 / 9 ) yesterday afternoon .
Warpo Wetipo said the words, the actions in commemoration of the International Day of Democracy on September 15 , but because it coincides with a Sunday , then it was a peaceful demonstration was held on Monday ( 16/9 ) yesterday morning .

Warpo said so familiar greeting , that it deeply regrets the action taken by the police in this case because KNPB Papua Police have given or filed Receipt Notification ( STTP ) , but in fact the implementation of a peaceful demonstration today ( yesterday , red ) in terms of their this KNPB forcibly disbanded , along with the arrest of activists KNPB .
” In carrying out internal security , it is actually a procedure , but always handling these actions through which there is no compromise or negotiation . But there was doing forced dissolution . This political education is not good, so there ‘s a police officer who worked with the emotional mind , ” he explained .
Assess the performance of the police who were less good , KNPB through Warpo Coordinator asks , Papua police chief in order to conduct political education of subordinates or members so that there is an understanding of the distribution of matter of law , democracy and also Asai Human Rights ( HAM ) .
” This is the action we are commemorating the International Day of Democracy Indonesia and I ‘m sure also certainly know about it , but there is no application of democratic values ​​applied in the Republic of Indonesia ( Republic of Indonesia ) we also know is that uphold the values ​​of democracy, especially over the long run, ” he said .
While I KNPB Agus Kossay Chairman said he would like to thank the security forces in this case because the Papua Police have made arrests and the forced dissolution of the KNPB members and the confiscation of a number of tools such as the speakers belong KNPB soundsystem .
Therefore , according to Agus so familiar greeting , with the action that gives value plus ( more ) for the Papuan struggle for independence ( referendum ) .
” We are also grateful for the police under the command of Chief of Police itself has been campaigning Papua Papua Merdeka was officially good either consciously or unconsciously , he ( Chief of Police ) has campaigned Papua Merdeka because of what happened today ( yesterday , red ) as involuntary dissolution action , KNPB activists and the arrest of a number of tools foreclosure property loudspeakers KNPB , ” he said .
Agus stressed , until whenever it or KNPB still will mediate for the people of West Papua nation to rally to demand independence ( referendum ) for the West Papuans will either be allowed or not , but definitely a demonstration to demand the independence referendum will still continue to be implemented .
” We are the children of the legitimate owners of this country , we will continue lalukan rally to demand independence for the land and our country . And , we hope to Papua police chief must apply the rules in truth , do not let the men do as they please , which is in direct field playing catch – any person without proof of any clear and accurate , ” he concluded .
Likewise it is , the same place KNPB spokesman Wim Rocky Medlama say , that peaceful demonstration is not only done in the City / County Jayapura but also performed in a number of areas that are above the Land of Papua , as Sorong , Fakfak , Nabire , Biak , Serui , Timika , Wamena , Paniai , Yahukimo , Yalimo , Merauke and Manokwari was also carried out the same thing that is doing a peaceful demonstration to mark the International Day of Democracy .
” We say thank you because the security forces have been pushing to accelerate the process of West Papuan independence . Cardiac arrest in the central city of Jayapura or at Imbi Park ODOT as many as 12 people , in as many as 9 people Waena Expo , in Jayapura – Sentani as many as 159 people , at Three Housing – Waena as many as 3 people . Meanwhile, outside the District / City of Jayapura , as many as 14 people in Nabire and shoves as many as 32 ​​people . So , as many as 249 people total amount KNPB activists were arrested by the police , “said Wim .
Meanwhile, Deputy Coordinator of the West Papua National Committee ( KNPB ) Tony Kobak Jayapura city district , which held a speech at the Jayapura Police Headquarters Parking Lot City said it intercepted , and were led by dicokok cordon to Jayapura City Police Headquarters for questioning related to the demonstration , when oration held in Taman Imbi .
Asked the reason for the demonstration was intercepted allowed the Papua Police , Tony Kobak said , police do not have a clear basis for prohibiting demonstrations International Democracy Day . The reason for the refusal was a warning notification Democracy Day Intermasional also considered absurd.
” We never disturb security and public order , the police had violated international rules . Because the action of International Democracy Day celebration is not only celebrated in the country by KNPB , but the action of the people commemorated around the world, “said Tony Kobak . Moreover, continued Tony Kobak , oppression and occupation and human rights violations that have occurred in West Papua has yet been revealed by the Indonesian government and the states .
However, further Tony Kobak , even though our voices are silenced , but the ideology we continue burning for Papuan independence and fight for the right of self-determination for West Papua .
Head of Public Relations Papua Police Commissioner Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono , S.IK. , separately confirmed relevant International Democracy Day celebration throughout Papua asserted , the situation in Papua for International Democracy Day conducive .
Some activists are secured in several Police , for questioning . While the activists alleged secured , for allegedly disturbing public order while always rallied .
Meanwhile , defender Matthew Papua Murib told Bintang Papua delivered via mobile phones as the monitor KNPB demo on Monday ( 16/9 ) in the framework of International Democracy Day in the District and the City of Jayapura successfully obstructed police action prior to the highway , a number of people and banners and others were arrested and secured in the Police Station , the activities of people running normally .
Timika , Sorong , Wamena , Manokwari , Fak – Fak and others KNPB with mass attributes made ​​it down the street and heavily guarded police . This prohibition does not mean that the police rejected the development of allergies and democratization in Indonesia, especially in Papua . Matthew said Murib , hopefully today dissolution of the police force to give a deterrent effect to mass action to change the pattern KNPB struggle in a more procedural and sympathetic .
” Happy International Day of Democracy , may be the values ​​of democracy built on the basis of indigenous , religious and strong state to provide a sense of justice and freedom to all parties without discrimination , ” said Matthew Murib

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