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Guarded Paskhas Enarotali Airport TNI, Residents Complain

Paniai , STEP MAGAZINE – Some residents in Paniai regency , Papua province said quite annoyed with the custody and control of the airport activity Enarotali by a number of members of the Air Force Special Forces ( Paskhas ) Air Force .

” They not only keep the airport but there are actually buying and selling tickets . We were so scared , ” said Marinus Gobaym one intellectual in Paniai to on Saturday ( 09.07.13 ) .

Not only that , he said , is quite disturbing as well as passengers are required to pay the plane fare is more than it should . For example, one passenger Timika goal of 1,200 , 000 ( one million two hundred thousand dollars) but increased to Rp1.400.000 ( one million four hundred thousand dollars) .

” Do not count that extra air passengers departing fliht . Definitely requested additional pay two hundred thousand more . Same thing also to the passengers are treated to Nabire goal , ” he said .

“People are usually crowded escort relatives who want to travel, current sparse because the entrance to the airfield waiting room and entrance guarded by the military by dressing Abri equipped with weapons . They always check passengers coming and going from the airport Enarotali , “he explained .

Dikatakanya , they ( military ) control all activities ranging from registration of passenger , aircraft passenger luggage up to the setting up billing airportax for ten thousand dollars .

Another resident , Anton Magai urged the Regent and Vice Regent Paniai , Hengki Kayame and Yohanis youw along with technical departments to immediately notice this condition . Special Regent and Vice Regent Paniai , we ask for the performance evaluation of Paniai District Department of Transportation about the handling of the airport, he said .

Reported, after the shooting of the plane Trigana Air Twin Otter with registration number PK – YRF by Strangers at Mulia Airport in Puncak Jaya in Papua ( 08/04/2012 ) Paskhas ago some members of the Air Force stationed in several airports that exist in the interior central highlands of Papua , including at the airport Paniai District .

Airport Security Task Force Commander Sinak Illaga Peak District , Papua Akni First Lieutenant quoted Tribunnews Vitalis claimed this paskas personnel placed a direct instruction from the President through the special commands the Air Force Chief of Staff to secure every airport pioneer in Papua . ( Mettu Badii / Yermias / MS )…


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