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Recognized Flotila ship convoy Freedom UN General Assembly

Jayapura – International Law Observer , Social Politics Uncen Jayapura , Marinus Yaung , said the Freedom Ship Flotila ( flotilla ) for humanitarian missions are recognized and supported by the General Assembly of the United Nations ( UN ) .
Because the spirit of the UN charter are considered appropriate in the UDHR ( Dekrlarasi HAM ) and the instruments of international law , such as the 1958 and the 1977 Geneva Convention and the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982.
He added that if the Indonesian government would resolve the Papuan problem quickly, accurately and peace , then it’s time for the stigmatization of Papuan separatism are still at odds with the Indonesian government thought should be excluded from the public sphere .

The term separatism do not continuously maintained , and mouth dipikiran security forces in Papua and Jakarta Government . Because all 50 people who want to come to Papua are indigenous Papuans but berkwarganegaraan Australian tourists and their request to the Indonesian Embassy in Camberra .
Their visa applications are also delivered to other Melanesian countries in the South Pacific . For other States is not a problem in obtaining a visa , but for Indonesia visa application there is little resistance . What’s this ? This obviously makes the Papuans will increasingly resent the Government of Indonesia .
According to him , the Indonesian government does not need to cancel their visas , but they are included in the program offer rapatrian , it is much more advantageous position of Indonesia abroad . Visa cancel them even more political benefits to Papua Merdeka struggle in the Pacific .
In fact, under the coordination of the government being lobbied Menkopolhukam countries in the South Pacific to reduce the issue of Papua . Then the visa cancellation action is very counter productive to the government’s actions .
” The government should create another solution for the Papuan people in Australia who want to return to Papua , because they also come in their own native land , not the land owned by someone else , ” he said .
He continued , Papua future want independence or not , is dependent upon the approach of the government in anticipation of any Papuan independence movement .
Papuans are offering dialogue approach as a final solution or the best approach to creating peace in Papua . Papua Peace is set in stone , and this commitment is far more glorious than the commitment Homeland Papua Merdeka fixed price or fixed price . ( Nls/Don/l03


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