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Ready NRFPB Welcomes Arrival Freedom Flotilla…

Jayapura – In the Abepura Penitentiary II Class , ‘ President of the Federal Republic of West Papua ‘ ( NFRPB ) Forkorus Yaboisembut , S.Pd. , invited Tim Flottila Freedom Convoy to enter the homeland region of West Papua .
It was announced in relesenya Forkotus Yaboisembut read to reporters at the office of the Papuan Customary Council ( DAP ) Expo Waena , by staff NFRPB , Ida Faidiban and Chairman of the National Council of Papua , Engelbert Sorabut .
In releasenya read it , explained that the press conference held dalah as a form of response to the arrival of a team that uses a ship , called ” Freedom Convoy Flottila ” to the land of Papua is busy talking while the public .

” As president , I already know the arrival of the Freedom convoy Flottila based on reports from Tn . Jacob Rumbiak ( Secretary NFRPB ) , which is delivered through Tn . Edisoan Waromi ( Prime Minister NFRPB ) , in April 2013, ” said Forkorus which are reproduced by Ida Faidiban .
According to him , the Freedom convoy Flottila is part of the international community mengkampayekan environmental issues , freedom and peace in the world . Therefore , they are also entitled to listen to the political rights of the Papuan people more or less silenced submarine 50 years .
” With the team’s program of marine convoy Freedom Flotilla convoy marks the beginning of a real or concrete support to the independence of West Papua , ” he said .
According to him , politically NFRPB entitled to invite a team konfoi Freedom Flotilla since the declaration of independence of Papua recovery in western countries have met the requirements of public law International .
“If there are parties – certain parties who still doubt the validity NFRPB then I ask that we are equal – equally schedule a discussion of the judicial declaration Oktorber NFRPB 19th, 2011, to the International Parliament or the International Arbitration . We NFRPB was very ready , ” he concluded .
He also added that Papua is no need for the Indonesian Military Force approach comes with a number Thousands to thwart NFRPB , as it will only increase the offense , both in quantity and quality in berbgai type and shape . ( Mir/Don/l03 )


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