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Muhammad Kurita: There are 5 Papuans complained to sya terror-related threats and intimidation from police (Brimob) Kaimana

Kaimana News August 22, 2013, On August 1, 2013, 5 (five) people of West Papuan civilians mengahadap Chairman MUHAMMAD PRD Kaimana Kurita with a complaint related terror cases by Brimob members who served in Company Wood PT. Sari Ukira currently operating in Kampung District Wagura Sarbek Bintuni Regency. 5 (five) people who meet consists of 2 (two) The Victims of terror that Alphius Werfete and Yohanis Waita, and 3 (tga) witnesses among others Melkianus Waita, Stepanus Waita and Marinus Sisrafa.

In a conversation between the president and the party PRD victims, victims said that “already since last month (July) we were in the chase by Brimob members who served in Company Wood PT. Ukira Sari for reasons that are not clear, where the information is up to our ears to make us feel uneasy and scared “. Furthermore, they stated that “if our faces are found by Brimob members who are currently searching for us, then our wives became widows aka ready we shot. This information makes us had a month together in no wife and children in the village “said the victim told PRD Kaimana.

Another reason given by the victim to which they were accused of taking the PRD activists TPN OPM to the local village, for it was this information to the police Mobile Brigade who served in the sari PT.Ukira perform a second operation to search for victims….


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