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Dispose of carcasses Colonialism and Fight!!

Keep surge resistance in the real movement , while continuing to seek unity resistance . Colonialism above the earth of Paradise growing in awareness of people’s resistance to rot .
That every regime of colonialism and policies proven to fail to build Papua , and practical , a half centuries , successfully gave birth to the local bureaucrat capitalists Papua slave mentality , corrupt and anti-people .
Anesthetized and glued in position of power and colonialism money is not the measure of change. Therefore, the only practical device beguiling colonialism , to strengthen the colonial grip on Papua. This is not fair , and again , this is very embarrassing , also memiluhkan Papua ideals that must rise up and out of the yoke of colonialism and capitalism trap , standing on the eastern horizon where the sun rises , as a nation’s dignity , which is recognized equal rank with the nations else in the world .
That colonialism is increasingly rotting garbage in the consciousness of the people of Papuan resistance movement should not be – once again – should not be recycled again . Colonial parties that compete in the colonial political system with all its illusions and never mind the jargon changes obsolete , rotten and wormy . The Papuans , Never again to earn , let alone lick the colonial carcass .
Look Papua from kepapuaan . Remove the colonial mainset in the brain . Heal virus colonial hegemony in an increasingly chronic heart , mind , and behavior . Realize that , in colonial change is an illusion , and rest assured that the only real change when we took over the ( back ) ground control and the life of the colonial rulers and foreign capitalists .
Papua Merdeka is an ideology that would be possible without the Indonesian colonial rule and the Global Capitalist . Power over the land has been given by the Creator to the Papuans , so we are entitled to retain and shall be ruler over this land without Indonesian and foreign .
Look at Dawn broke across the eastern horizon , and the whistling of birds chirping call heaven getting back . Tie the knot back socialism disconnected yesterday . Restore democratic culture . Unity and struggle up , here , on the ground that you walk on .
The oppressors do not wait for us to oppress . The local comprador and national interests of Indonesia continue pumping . Look , asshole generals colonial increasingly consolidated power for Indonesian Election 2014.
Here , we will continue to fight waged . Come on , wake Resistance Committees from cities to villages . Budayakan democracy , martabatkan struggle with establishing and strengthening regional People’s Parliament – Parliament .
” We Must End ”
Governing KNPB Center


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