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19 Women Fakfak stripped By Two Police women

Jayapura VoiceBaptist, – In response to the situation before the August 15, 2013 and in Fak-Fak regency on treatment combined forces TNI / police who conduct inspections and arbitrary detentions and acts of violence against civilians on August 14, 2013, the director of Elsham, Fery Marisan, Elsham lawyer, Manfret Naa, and Advocacy Coordinator, Sem Rumbrar, held a press conference on Wednesday (21.08.13) at the office of Papua in Jayapura Elsaham quotes Step Magazine news.

Sem Rumbrar, Advocacy Coordinator, explains, the women are forced into a toilet in the hall to hall Fakfak Police. Inside the small room, 2 women police (policewoman) conduct an examination of a number of women who were arrested by security forces.

The first check is the mama and mama Naomi Magdalene Bahba Hegemur. Both the direct menaggalkan Policewomen forced both mama’s clothes. Mama magadalena on clothing to remove the bra and panties live alone. and mama Hegemur for wet clothes. Then he (the policewoman) told to take off all clothes, except his underwear only. Once in check, both the mother immediately checked luggage and two policewomen was confiscated belongings are both mama, including gas lighters, kitchen knives, which happened to be in their bag.

“We were 19 women. Us that in check as much as 19 people and treat us in the same yatu in stripped naked,” said Elisabeth (victim). ”

“After the second mama checked, the next two are also perempaun diperikasa the same way by the two policewomen after two policewomen in perikasa then it called me, Rosita Elisabeth,” Rosita said Elisabeth Bahaba, 16-year-old village woman Nembukteb, Karamongmongga district, which also 2 victims of this police officer.

“I was forced into the toilet by two policewomen, and I was treated the same as 2’s mama,” said slisabeth, he revealed the names of the policewoman who was named Anti stripped them naked and Jaqlin.

“We were 19 women. Us that in check as much as 19 people and we were in the same treatment,” said Elisabeth.

Once checked, then the Head of Police Fakfak. OPS, Tony M. mama-mama ordered not to sell that day, and bring home vegetables to be sold that day. “That took the form of merchandise and food gardens sayauran immediately taken home. Later a new one in two days selling mama dorang come.”

Director of Elsham, Fery Marisan, Lawyer Elsham, Manfret Naa, and Advocacy Coordinator, Sem Rumbrar, judge, act made in Fakfak true unscrupulous Polwan-air unethical, and an action which does not respect human rights. Therefore, they agreed, these events must be processed in accordance with the applicable law in this country ..

Sources: Step Magazine


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