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Violence of the security forces against journalists in Papua occurred again on Thursday (15/8) at around 16.20 CET, Bintang Papua journalist Andreas Badii physically abused by three police officers Paniai Police.

The incident began when Andreas new home shopping in one of the stalls, City Enarotali, Paniai District. The return journey, Andreas is riding a motorcycle was stopped because there was a raid / sweeping by the police at the intersection of health centers. Andreas confessed to the authorities were carrying kerosene wick stove and a portable computer (laptop).

“When I checked the police see no wick stoves and kerosene, so the police immediately asked for what this stuff. I answered, it was for the stove to, “said Andreas to Sunday (18/8).

Hearing Andreas, Brigadier Lukman started beating the victim to fall from the bike. When fall came and Brigadier Brigadier Fredy Tomatala Welem beat Andreas Usior participate battered.

As a result of this beating, Andreas fractured nose and a split lip, so the bleeding from the nose and lips. After at o’clock, Andreas below to Paniai Police within 5 miles from the scene.

Chief Editor of Star of David Papua Sonny while in confirmation on Sunday, confirmed the incident. “You see, we did have a reporter in Enarotali there. Just this month he’s not on assignment for the reason for sick leave. Because I get the beating, I check to him and asked exactly ka ye may o’clock, then she said yes, “says David.

David Sonny after hearing chronologically from journalists, he tried to ask for confirmation to the police. “Paniai Police call me, and apologized for the incident. Police Chief promised to crack down on the three members who had done the beating. Police also said to me, he knew Andrew as a journalist, “he said.

AJI Advocacy Coordinator City of Jayapura, Jack Wally deplored the attitude of the three individual members of the Paniai Police use violence against journalists who happened to Andreas Badii. “Andrew was a journalist. Although he was on leave, he remained a journalist, “said Jack.

“And Andreas is the citizens who should not be treated as such. In this case, he’s not a matter of journalistic duty or not. But the police can not arbitrarily against the civilian population became a citizen in this country, and if indeed Andreas made a mistake, do the proper procedure was to prove his guilt. “He added.


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