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FAK-FAK – Papuan Students Alliance of Cities committee Fak-Fak (AMP-KKF) held a peaceful protest Approximately 09.30 WPB, diarea Plasa parking Tambaruni some activists of AMP action to shut up. The main banners with demands “SOON OPEN SPACE LAND OF DEMOCRACY IN PAPUA” and some of the other posters that have not been opened.

Some of the speeches and the field coordinator of the demonstrators. And this action kepolsian escorted by armed forces; In field observations many people who observe the course of this action.

Oration on the ongoing situation one police officer approached the field coordinator, Quartus Ndrotndrot to ask immediately remove the clothes worn. On the action between kordum and operatives wearing a black shirt picture state symbol on the back and front Papua writing ‘WEST PAPUA’ on the grounds that the notification and management action is not listed on wearing a shirt with the image of the Morning Star.
 Officials said the clothes worn should be removed or the action will be halted. After a field coordinator in coordination with the general coordinator Gabriel Hegemur; was general coordinator told the police officer that it was only a suit, but officials insisted that it was a shirt with the flag of Papua, so that further action should choose clothes when opened or action remains suspended for wearing the shirt, in this case the general coordinator prefers action should be stopped from removing the clothes worn by the symbol and the symbol of the State of West Papua.
After haggling with the apparatus so that the action of AMP Fakfak will disband after reading the statement. Although there is still time given. However, in accordance with the agreement of the statement read later dispersed: and finally a statement read by kordum. After reading a statement, the activist group Alliance of Papuan Students Fakfak then disperse in an orderly manner. (M / Ansel)

Greetings Liberation ..!
In connection with the suppression of democracy in the political aspiration, which took place during the last few years by the Indonesian state system under the rule of Sosilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), as well as International media restrictions in Indonesia and Papua in particular has been going on from year to year to date. Papuan People gripped in fear to dare to speak out on political rights in this country and in conveying various aspirations.
Associated with this condition, we of Fakfak Papua Student Alliance, expressed attitudes and our demands to the government of Indonesia as follows:
1 1. Soon OPEN SPACE LAND OF DEMOCRACY IN PAPUA, In the Matter of Expression In Free, Free Talking Right, Free Talking Human Rights Violations, Freedom Free Talking Regulated According to National and International Mechanisms.

2 2. Immediate Opening Up for International Media in Papua.

3 3. Provide immediate Schedule Official Visit the UN Special Rapporteur On Freedom of Expression Scheduled In January 2013 The Postponed With The Reason Unclear When It To Happen Until Emphasis Indonesia to Provide Certainty For Official Visit Schedule As stated in the UN Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva to-23, June 3, 2013.

4 4. Immediately frees political prisoners and political prisoners Papua Throughout prisons in West Papua WITHOUT CONDITIONS

5 5. Immediately recognizes as a Solution to Self-Determination for the People of Papua Democratic

6 6. Corresponding paragraph of the Preamble UUD1945 Indonesia First Nations; That Truly He is the right of Independence It All Nations, The World Above So Colonization Eliminated Should Not Fit For Human And Pri-Elf-Justice; Indonesia immediately recognize the sovereignty of West Papua.
This statement and the demands of our attitudes, Papua Student Alliance-Fakfak
 Together with the Historical Truth of the Morning Star
Fakfak Thursday, July 25, 2013



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