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406 dengue fever, 10 DIED

Head of Disease Control and Environmental Health (P2KL) Merauke District Health Office, Nefil Muskita said, based on data from January to July 2013, as many as 406 people stricken with dengue fever. While the number who died at ten people.

Of the dead, eight residents of Merauke. While the other two from the District Digoel. These figures, it is fantastic when compared to previous years. Development is still unknown for the next several months later.

It was announced Nefil when met at the Hotel Megaria, Wednesday (24/7). “Indeed, judging from the number, very high when compared to the previous year. In fact, claimed the lives of especially children up to ten people. Of course this is the duty and responsibility of all of us at times to come, “he said.

Meanwhile, Chief Medical Officer of Merauke, Stef Osok admitted, with a high number of these, so do not blame the public agencies. Various steps have been done starting from granting extension to abate or fogging. Only, it’s not the final step.

The key, Osok further, back to the awareness of the public to maintain the cleanliness of the environment on a regular basis. “If we continue to shout and give abate and fumigation, but the yard was cleaned houses, the same mosquitoes will come back and nest again,” he said.

The case now, so Osok, in order to be a concern for all people in the coming year. If there is no awareness of the initiative and clean up the environment, the number of dengue fever patients will continue to increase. “Once again, we must learn from the explosion of the number of people this year,” he said. (Jubi / Ans)


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