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Prepare a number of MoH health centers in Papua

Prepare a number of MoH health centers in Papua

Indonesian Health Minister Nafsiah Mboi while giving his speech in Pemba Pencangan opment Lanny Jaya Mandiri, Saturday (20/7) yesterday and in the City of Honor, Lanny District Jaya.TIOM – To help bring health services to the community in Papua, then Minister of Health, Republic of Indonesia Nafsiah Mboi, mengkui it will prepare a number of health centers in Papua will renovate health centers and clinics who are considered unfit enabled.
In addition to preparing community health centers, Health Minister also said, during the 2011-2013 fixed precedence home construction including doctors and nurses with a value of Rp.462 billion construction cost.
“This development, intended to make the people do not need treatment far from their homeland, while his own health personnel especially, nurses, midwives and specialist physicians will be our priority in the mountains of Papua province because we saw the difficult access to care,” he said in a declaration of Development Lanny Jaya Mandiri, Saturday (20/7) and then in the city yesterday Tiom, Lanny Jaya regency.

In addition, the Minister promised there would be 108 doctors sent from Papua who are in training to become specialists, which include two doctors who had graduated. “The doctors appeared in Papua, then I’m sure will be met and a specialist in the mountains,” he said.
To that end, he stressed, with doctors from Papua then, next should be the responsibility of the Government and society in Papua “I ask that there should be a responsibility of the government and the people to them so that they would not be able to run to the other,” he concluded.
On that occasion, Minister for the first time the ground water in the district Lanny Jaya, advised all health personnel who served in Papua, especially in the District. Lani Jaya, to work under the leadership of mayors, mayors and governors with a vengeance. (Loy/don/l03 / @ dv)


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