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Parliament MEMBERS OF ARMED FORCES IN PROTEST deployment of Parliament FakFak

Fakfak, 22/07 (Jubi) – Wilhelmina Woy, Fakfak legislators, protesting the deployment of military members in the meeting of the Board of Regents of Indigenous and Fakfak, Fakfak Parliament Office, Friday (19/7).

Wilhelmina protest submitted to the commander 1706/PVT Fakfak, Lieutenant Colonel (inf) Mount Bintoro, witnessed by leaders and members of parliament and mass Fakfak Indigenous Peoples. Regents did not deign to come at that time.

“Is this area in Civil Emergencies or Emergency War kah?” Said Wilhelmina rhetorical.

Meanwhile, the commander of 1706/PVT Fakfak, Lieutenant Colonel (inf) Mount Bintoro, explaining the presence of the military because there anggotaanggota security assistance request letter. “If I do not perform, then I hit the law! So please understand, we are also ordinary people, just happen to wear camouflage clothes, we are both the Indonesian people, I do not want to hurt our people! ”

Deployed military members around the squad as a precaution in the Parliament Office Fakfak. Among them was carrying a rifle, and a rubber truncheon. In addition to the army, armed police also secured Fakfak Parliament Office, when the Board of Regents is scheduled to meet Indigenous Fakfak. Head of Ops. Police at Fakfak, Toni, banning some people enter the meeting room, the grounds have crowded the narrow space. Then, a police officer with rattan beater banish reporters. Reporters were prohibited from approaching, but the will of the board MbahamMatta Tribal Council, the reporter allowed to cover the meeting.


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