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Executive Secretary Solomon Aruman IS-UKAM Papua say landslides and flooding that occurred in March in Bomela District, District Yahukimo but until now has not received serious attention from Yahukimo regency.

“Vice Regent and his entourage had himself down on the ground and look at the incidence of landslides and flooding but no help on the field. Why happen like this, “he told tabloidjubi via email, Friday (19/7).

He added the event of natural disasters there GJRP team of Church and Yakpesmi already taking data in the field to be reported to the local government district. Yahukimo.

Though he continued the Deputy Regent Kab.Yahukimo Bomela gone down in the District and some areas that experienced landslides and flooding. “People in the District Bomela hope that will and help from the government. But over time there is no relief until the news was revealed, to us of the great tribe UKAM Association deeply regrets this kind of action, “said Solomon Aruman.

Yahukimo government is said to be a disaster happens in the future must be addressed immediately and not just dwell on it.

“We already deliver a report to the Yahukimo regency and they promised to provide aid but the reality on the ground nothing is revealed. We strongly deplore the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), “he said.

It is expected that the government is clearly seen to immediately respond to the natural disasters that occurred in the district Bomela. “It’s very embarrassing for us and the name of its disaster relief is not an emergency nature is not a proposal that takes a long time,” he said.

He also thanked the members of parliament one, Andarias Alya, Amd Sos has helped a landslide involving flight to Landa and Kwelamdua bring the plan to bring food aid in both districts.


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