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Lambert: Reject the Governor, Choose Referendum

Lambert: Reject the Governor, Choose Referendum

Officials ask residents Stop Intimidation

LambertJAYAPURA – Related efforts are being and will be made Governor of Papua Province, Luke Enembe, SIP, MH, to establish communication with ‘the opposite brothers’ in this case those who are fighting for independence, and members of the TPN-OPM, cold response by one the TPN-OPM leader who is also the General Coordinator of the TPN-OPM, Lambert Pekikir.
For Pekikir, there is no haggling related struggles that they uphold, for him, an attempt to solve the problems in Papua can be done if the settlement authority was left entirely to the public.
“The governor bid please be executed, if the aim to resolve the Papuan problem, I suggest to the governor to leave it back to the people of Papua, let people choose whether they want to live in Indonesia or they would stand alone as a country,” said Lambert Pekikir to Bintang Papua, Sunday (21/7) yesterday evening.

Reason for the return of the choice to the people of Papua, according to Lambert because of the people’s democratic order that determines everything, “Do not call people over, but you should give it to the people to vote, we (TPN-OPM) it’s also a struggle to uphold the mandate of the people Papuans who want to be independent, because no one wanted independence and there is apparently no, well let them choose independently, “said Lambert.
And Lambert also suggested that a forum for people to pick and choose the options are Referendum, “There is no other solution, if you do want to be fair and independent referendum, this is what I propose to solve the problem in Papua,” he said.
In addition, Lambert also asked the TNI / police to stop the torture and intimidation against the people, when officers love their peoples should use caution, “Now this is happening in Skamto, Keerom, we can report the discovery of weapons-related intimidated some time ago , “Lambert said.
According to him, the officer discovered the weapons are weapons of the TPN-OPM-owned, and has absolutely nothing to do with the citizens Skamto, “That gun belongs to us, to be honest, I leave to the gun operation commander, and last week they could not return to ‘get into’ because of the safety factor, the weapon was eventually fall into the hands of authorities, unfortunately TNI / police about intimidate such weapons, it has nothing to do with people, that’s his problem with our guns, do not intimidate people, I asked to immediately stop action was, “said Lambert

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