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Role of Church and State Violence: Reflections Shooting Arlince Tabuni

State violence is inversely related to the mission of peace, love, and respect for human rights in the Baptist church campaigned Lanny Jaya, Papua.

Dated October 28, 1956 is the day and year first ABMS (Association Baptist Mission Society) under the leadership of Norm Draper, Ian Gruber and Melzer and some Indigenous people of Indonesia, especially Kalimantan. They are setting foot in Tiom melalaui road after their plane landed in Lake Anogom Yenggenak Bokondini now entered the district in Central Mamberamo.

The lake is in the writings of expenditor and written about the mission of the church services (especially old churches like Kingmi, Catholic, GKI in Papua and Baptists who were exploring the first in the mountainous region of Papua), better known as the lake = Lake Archbold Archbold) was taken from name of a expenditor Ricard Archbold.

Since the area of ​​Beam-Kwiyawagi especially Lanny Jaya region to region Fellowship Ministry Baptist Churches of Papua today. There is only one church in the city Tiom GKI. No other denominations and faiths in the region. Although this area is also a Muslim immigrants who trade and PNS / TNI / police but their number is very limited.

Since the present church, the church has never committed violence against God’s people in the region, let alone provoke people to fight. It was never. But the historic events in which Baptists recorded as 50-year history of Papua’s Baptist church in the region, People die for the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Magi (now District Makki) in 1966. In this village where Miss Arlince Guneri Tabuni (12) was shot dead by military, allegedly Kopassus.

Guneri’s where the church where Arlince Tabuni father served as pastor until now. Gospel Light Papuans in the region make this conversion, because long before the Bible was their ancestors had prophesied that a time would come white people and brought the news NABELAN Hardwire = news of eternal life. And, according to the prophecy that they accept the gospel as the reformer of their lives that they previously lived in an atmosphere of dark (no hope for the future).

After the Baptist mission through the ABMS has begun to open access and isolation of this region, then the Dutch government opened the Postal Service in the early 1960s in Tiom. In the Dutch Government Postal Service has never been a violent country, especially from the Dutch government officials in charge at that time. The Dutch government on behalf of the Dutch colonial territorial integrity never kill or commit other violent to locals.

The new state of violence seen in the era of the Indonesian Government in Lanny Jaya. After the Dutch left, the Indonesian government automatically entered. Papuans in Baliem not accept the results of the Act of 1969. They began to fight armed with Indonesian government officials.

War or confrontation between Indonesian government forces (TNI / Police) and the Central Highlands community in Papua broke. The peak occurred in 1977 and 1978. Lanny Jaya in the center of the runaway Papua Baliem valley and surrounding areas.

Lanny Jaya society at that time to fight against the Indonesian Government officials. Many Papuans in the region were killed. Tragic story that is still told by Lanny Jaya is an event where people Lanny Jaya lined up in a long row of about 5 to 10 people and then stick a hot iron on their chests penetrate every person on and off them.

They were killed in Volly ball field behind the Old Firm Mendikbut, in the presence of Mr. Solihin Kiosk (from Makassar). Their bodies were buried in mass in addition to the residence of the head of the old district, not far from the place where they were executed.

This is a story that is always raised to us, the children Lani when passing through the area by the old people. Unfortunately currently being stockpiled Regent Lanny Jaya area. And gone is the dark history of violence marks the State in the territory of Lanny Jaya. Many similar events occurred in several villages in Lanny Jaya even in the central highlands of Papua in 1977.

One of the parents told the author was the murder of two of our family by Indonesian forces in Kwiyawage Yaliwakom uncle and his sister Yaliwakwe Wenda Wenda. They were visiting family in Tiom before the outbreak of war in 1977. After the visit runs and Susana war has begun redah, keluarag two brothers, husbands and other relatives of Yaliwakwe return to Ilaga. Them through the Kwiyawagi to ilaha because they were born and raised in Ilaga (now Capital Puncak Papua).

At the moment in the area Kwiyawage, Yaliwakom Wenda was shot dead. Yaliwakwe position had already been some distance away with her husband and young children with other kelaurga. Suddenly there came a sound of shots (bam-bam-bam). When Yalikwakwe turned into balakang, her brother shouting my shot and fell to the ground.

Yaliwakwe said to her husband, I can not go with you. Look at my brother shot dead by their (military forces), I could not leave. I had to surrender to be shot as well by them. Having said that, he handed over to her husband and her son fled, and urged them to return home in Ilaga. Yaliwakom immediately to the corpse of his brother, bersungkur and lay down at his brother as he wept blood bersimba.

Meanwhile, the bullets were shot by Indonesian forces through his chest and he fell dead body brother bled and died with him. To this day the family never knows where the bodies are buried. This is the story of the story told by the husband to the family, a story that happened 36 years ago (1977-2013).

Another, the author of this family were shot by Indonesian forces were deployed at the time. According to the story is the parent entity of Ambon and unity Patimura Hasannudin of Makassar. They were shot without a clear random. And incidentally they suspected them were the people of Papua.

Well, murder for no apparent reason, in a peaceful atmosphere back occurred on July 1, 2013 in Guneri Lanny Jaya regency on Miss Arlince Tabuni (12 years). Shooting allegedly by maleo unit Kopassus. Murder can not be justified. Why? The first state when it is not in a state of war. Shootings is 12-year-olds. He was shot for no apparent reason.

# 34 In 2004 TNI Law Article 17 mandates that explain the use of military force by order of the President. Responsibility of the use of military force in the hands of military commanders is set in article 19 of the Law on the TNI N0.34/2004. The question is that whether the shooting Arlince Tabuni is orders of President or Commander of the TNI.

While the situation in Indonesia July 1, 2013 nationally not in danger. Situation in Papua is susana Bayangkara celebration. If there is no last shooting done on the orders of anyone? If the situation of gunfire between the TPN and TNI officers may be justified in protecting themselves, but when the real condition of the witness of information that no enemy of the people or interfere with the military and police were on duty.

Ecclesial ministry that brought the message of peace marred by systematic state violence terhadapat civil society in Lanny Jaya indicates that the State can not be trusted anymore and is able to provide comfort to its citizens. Whereas the mandate of Act 34/2004 TNI as national defense and protect its citizens.

But possible Papuans Lanny Jaya instead of Indonesian citizens. Indonesia’s claim to Papua is part of Indonesia, day after day trust has begun to fade. May the church continue to voice the suffering of Papuans and more specifically to the church service at Lanny Jaya.

Pares L. Wenda is Secretary of the Baptist Voice Of Papua. Institute for Papuan Baptist Church The Concentration Of Human Rights in Papua.
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