NABIRE – The tragedy of mass death and death Extraordinary (KLB) which occur in Papua Nabire. on Sunday (14/07/2013) night, occurred around 23:00 local time. 19 people die from anywhere and dozens more are still critical, one of the victim’s family expressed Nabire Regent Isayas Douw Tawab Responsible For the incident. Because “was originally entered using the penontong Tickets, but arrive coming Nabire regent Watch, then told the audience that is beyond Gor Gor into the Internet,” he said.

Online media patience with that, the incident began boxing championship finals “Regent Cup” which won Alfius Rumkorem of gym Persada. In the match at Old City GOR Nabire it, Alfius Rumkorem menggalahkan Julian Pigome from Mawa gym.

Julian Pigome supporters do not accept the defeat of their idol so happened that later taunted each other into throwing each other to cause the audience to scramble out of the GOR. “Due to jostle each other that led to many deaths and injuries,” said police chief argued Nabire rigid GOR when the event was packed with about 1,500 people.

then in other media such as in reports, Until this morning, Monday, (07/15/13), at 11.00 CET, the number of deaths from Genesis Area Fair (KLB) following the announcement of a boxing match in the Sports Hall (GOR) City long, Nabire, Papua, last night, Sunday, (07.14.13), at 22.00 CET numbered 19 people. Meanwhile, the number of victims still in intensive care in Nabire Regional General Hospital (Hospital) is 31 people. Here are the names of the victims based on General Hospital and Police Nabire Nabire.

Name of deceased victims: 1. Huda (men) 2. Yosina Waine (female) 3. David Wabes (men) 4. Stevina Tebay (female) 5. Yuliana Magai (women) 6. Elina Dugupa (female) 7. Anii Wayaa (female) 8. Monica Bonai (female) 9. Mandosir cannon (women) 10. Martina Keiya (women) 11. Ice Tebay (women) 12. Yanus Manibui (men) 13. Tresia Waine (women) 14. Merlin Ayamseba (female)
15. Jacob had Rumkorem (men) 16. Wilem Rochers (men) 17. Lisa Womsiwor (women) 18. Benedict Douw (men) 19. Ricky Kawer (men)

Treated Victim Name Hospital: 1. Hubertus Anouw (men) 2. Kores Kumi (men) 3. Nehemiah Wanimbo (men) 4. Mario Sadi (men) 5. Orsan Mote (men) 6. Iso Mote (men) 7. Kris Dogomo (men) 8. Agus Goo (men) 9. Alex (men) 10. Kegou Marsi (Women) 11. Edi Enumbi (men) 12. Elly Pigai (men) 13. Amon Gobay (men) 14. Yuliten (men) 15. Ben Pigome (men) 16. Anius Tabuni (men) 17. Gina Tabuni (Women) 18. Lis Kegou (women) 19. Merina Magai (women) 20. Agustina Mote (women) 21. Maya Ije (women) 22. Rebekah Pigai (women) 23. Lince Pigai (women) 24. Rena (women) 25. Mother Yufinia Douw (Ibi Regent Nabire) 26. Wanimbo ester (women) 27. Hena Pigai (women) 28. Anace Degey (women) 29. Anastasia (women) 30. Aquila Tekege (women) 31. Yohana Mote (female)

Sources: Online Media / Email / Phone

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